Boost Your Branding With Google Reviews And Its Benefits

Think of yourself as a customer. 

Let’s say you discovered a product that you have been looking for for months. It has all the features you wanted but the only thing stopping you from making the purchase is trust. 

Do you trust this brand? 

Trust is one of the crucial factors that influence the purchasing intention of the customer. When purchasing online, customers find it hard to confirm the information provided by the sellers. This is why they depend on Google customer reviews. 

As a matter of fact, 59% of buyers choose Google to read customer reviews online. Many brands and businesses are also embedding WordPress Google reviews widget on their website. This provides the customers with a personalized experience of the positive reviews your business has received over the years. 

To help you navigate through the amazing reviews aggregator tools, we will take you through the list of the tools you can use to embed Google reviews on WordPress website. Later on, we also talk about the benefits of a Google review widget on your WordPress website. 

How Can You Create A Amazing WordPress Google Reviews Widget For Your Brand and Business?

1. Tagembed Review Widget:

When it comes to embedding WordPress Google review widgets, Tagembed is one of the best review aggregator tool that you can rely on. Tagembed is a low-code review aggregator platform that takes let time in setting up. Using this tool, one can customize the Google review widget as per their liking. For example, the user can change the themes and layouts and play with the color schemes for the widget. 

Google Reviews is the most popular platform where users can leave feedback on businesses they’ve interacted with. This feedback can be valuable to businesses looking to understand their customers better and improve their services. With the Tagembed WordPress Google Reviews widget, website owners can display these reviews directly on their website, which can help build trust with potential customers and increase user engagement.

The widget is highly customizable, allowing users to change the layout, font, color scheme, and other design elements to match their website’s look and feel. You can also use the content moderation panel to remove the Google reviews you do not wish to showcase on the widget. You can also run your hands on the custom CSS, to customize the widget with coding. 

Tagembed WordPress Google reviews widget is a powerful tool that can help to improve your online reputation and increase customer trust. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, the widget is a simple and effective way to showcase your positive customer feedback and improve your online presence.

2. JustReviews: 

JustReviews is easy to install and can help you to build trust and credibility with your audience by showcasing the positive Google reviews that your business has received from its customers.

The JustReviews Google reviews widget displays your Google reviews in a customizable format that can be tailored to match the design of your website. The widget also allows you to filter your reviews by star rating and date range, so you can choose which reviews to display.

One of the key benefits of using the Justreviews Google reviews widget is that it can help to improve your SEO. By displaying Google reviews on your website, you are providing fresh, customer reviews that can help to boost your search engine rankings. Additionally, the widget can help to increase traffic and click-through rates on your website by displaying star ratings in search results.

3. Google Review Widget: 

Last but not the least, the Google review widget is yet another platform that can help you embed Google reviews widgets on the website. While you are using this tool, you can try your hands on the wide range of widget templates. All of their templates are designed to set up with the website design, without messing up its alignment. 

With this tool also get hold of different types of widgets. For example, you can use their small badges that are appropriate for the header and footer area of the website. They also have a medium widget to showcase Google reviews in different areas. 

Another great widget is their comment widget. This comment widget gives your customers the best snippet of your overall reviews. You can also filter the reviews to show only the reviews they want to display on their website.

Irresistible Benefits Of Embedding Google Reviews On WordPress Website:

Now that you are aware of the two amazing review aggregator tools, let’s have a look at the benefits you can take for your business from the Google review widget. 

Boosting Credibility: When potential customers see positive reviews from other customers, it can increase their trust in the business and make them more likely to choose your brand over your competitors.

Providing Social Proof: Reviews serve as social proof of the quality of the product or service offered by the business. When potential customers see that others have had positive experiences, it can encourage them to make a purchase.

Increasing Customer Engagement: Reviews can be a great way to engage with customers and encourage them to leave feedback. This feedback can be used to improve the business and better meet the needs of its customers.

Creates A Feedback Loop: When customers leave reviews, it can create a feedback loop that allows the business to continuously improve its products or services based on customer feedback.

Final Words

With the plethora of options available, it has become difficult to retain customers on your website. Your customers are looking for some trusting factor. If you do not provide them, they are going to move on. In such a situation, your only savior is Google reviews. If you fail to put it in front of the eyes of your target audience, you are going to lose the deal. 

We have mentioned the tools you can use to embed the WordPress Google reviews widget on the website. This is your sign to embed Google reviews on the WordPress website. 

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