How Pinterest Widget Can Drive Traffic to Your Website?

Pinterest Widget

Pinterest, being the favorite social media platform of Gen-Z,  is at the the boom of its usage. And looking at the current shopping trend, businesses and brands have started to embed Pinterest widget on websites. This has helped many businesses to stand out from the crowd and establish social proof for their brand. 

Afterall, Pinterest is a visual discovery platform and is the perfect way to get traffic to your business website. And it is time you admit, Pinterest is not just any of your social media platforms, it is in fact more of a search engine. 

And in this blog we are going to cover all the questions that have been bothering you about the Pinterest widget on the website. So tag along and read this blog till the end. 

What is a Pinterest widget?

A Pinterest widget is a smaller version of your Pinterest that can be added to a website, enabling users to see the latest pins from a specific Pinterest account. This widget can take different forms, including a profile widget, a board widget, or a pin widget.

A profile widget displays the latest pins from a specific Pinterest account, while a board widget displays the latest pins from a specific Pinterest board. A pin widget, on the other hand, displays a single pin from a specific Pinterest board or account.

Impressive Ways A Pinterest Widget Drives Traffic To Your Website

Your pinterest widget reflects the core of your business. And as a business owner you should be aware of all the ways you can make your customers stick to your website. Have a look at how a Pinterest widget can be a game changer for your business. 

Increases visibility

When you add a Pinterest widget to your website, you are increasing the visibility of your Pinterest account and the content you share. Visitors to your website who are not following you on Pinterest can see your latest pins and are more likely to click through to your Pinterest account to see more. This will help them find the visual pleasure they were looking for during the entire shopping experience . 

Provides social proof

As a business owner, you must be aware of the importance of social proof in selling. And we are sure you must be looking for a strong social proof for your brand. Believe it or not, a Pinterest widget on a website provides social proof, showing visitors that your brand has an active presence on Pinterest. This can make your brand more appealing and trustworthy to potential customers. You can also use the content generated by your users and weave a Pin board around it. You can later on embed this Pin board on the website. This will tell your visitors that your products are recommended by your past customers. 

Encourages Engagement

When your customer lands on your website, we know you want  them to read your content, go through your website and have a look at what you have done to your website. 

A Pinterest widget can encourage website visitors to engage with your brand by following you on Pinterest, saving your pins, or clicking through to your website. This engagement can lead to increased website traffic and potential sales.

Increases Time Spent On Your Website

With people spending a lot of time on the internet and having zillion options to scroll through, it has become hard to fight for the attention of your customers. We are certain you must be struggling for the same. Luckily, the Pinterest widget on website can help you in the same way. 

When visitors see a Pinterest widget on your website, they may be tempted to explore your Pinterest account, which can lead to increased time spent on your website. This increased engagement can improve your website’s search engine ranking and visibility.

Best Ways To Use Pinterest Widget On Website 

If you are on your journey to embed a Pinterest widget on website, you have to put your best foot forward. And in this journey you might need a social media aggregator tool. We recommend you choose a tool that is totally a low code platform. This will help take out time for other priorities. Moreover, you  also need to use the customization options such as changing themes and layouts. 

Now that you know what type  of social media aggregator you need in the drill, let’s have a look at the best ways you can Embed Pinterest Board on a website. 


You can showcase your Pinterest handle on your website. This is a miniature version of Pinterest on your website. This will help you navigate through your Pinterest easily. This can help to build your following on Pinterest and increase your overall engagement on the pinterest platform.

User Board 

A user board on the website can be an absolute delight to check out as a user. This visual platform can be used to showcase your brand’s products, services, or ideas. By featuring a Pinterest handle widget on your website, you can promote your brand and showcase your content to a wider audience.


By featuring a Pinterest stories widget on your website, you can encourage visitors to click through to your Pinterest profile and browse your boards. This can help to drive traffic back to your website and increase your overall visibility online.

In A Nutshell 

Pinterest is an ever growing social media. And it will see its boom in the next few years. It will provide business benefits to the many users. Pinterest will be considered as the major social media in the future. If your audience resonates with the culture of Pinterest, you need to embed a Pinterest handle widget on the website. Pinterest widget helps in embedding the Pinterest posts on your website. With the help of widgets your website audience resonates with your social content & spends more time on your content & provides you value of time. So what are you waiting for? 

Go ahead and embed a Pinterest widget on the website. 

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