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Find Out How to Save Yahoo Emails to a Hard Drive

At certain times, you may have witnessed situations where you wanted to save Yahoo emails to the hard drive. But you didn’t due to a lack of a proper solution. Fear not—we will attempt to address all your questions in this blog.

We’ll begin by discussing some things about Yahoo.

Yahoo is one of the most widely used online email clients. Considered a veteran in the market, Yahoo has some of the most loyal users. The users can easily back up Yahoo emails to a hard drive or any other external storage. You can then distribute these messages using various applications.

You want to keep a backup of your emails on your desktop for several reasons. It provides you with the option of easy recovery and instant access to emails offline. Additionally, you can share these emails as an archive with your colleagues. We should know how to export Yahoo email messages to the hard drive.

There is no direct method to transfer emails and other data from your Yahoo account to local storage. But we cannot give up on the numerous advantages of backing up your Yahoo email. This article will explain how to save your Yahoo email messages on a hard drive. But before that, let’s explore why we need to do this.

The Reasons Why We Back Up Yahoo Email Messages on Hard Drive

Data is the new oil, so it is vital to keep your data safe and secure; this makes a strong case for the need to save Yahoo emails to hard drives. Let’s examine the causes in greater detail:

  • Improved access: A backup allows access to information on the go and can come in handy in tricky situations like forgetting passwords or Yahoo server issues.
  • Improved Security: Creating a backup makes you the master of your data. Cybercriminals can hack online servers but not private hard drives. And even if ransomware targets Yahoo’s server, you can be assured that your data is safe on a hard drive.
  • Reduced Cost: If you use your Yahoo email professionally, you will find that your inbox fills up rapidly from client emails, tasks, etc. Buying cloud storage can help you avoid the challenge of finding storage space. But this may not be economical. Another more cost-effective method is to have a local backup of your Yahoo email on your hard drive.

You should export the Yahoo emails to a hard drive for these reasons.

Four Unique Methods to Save Yahoo Emails to Hard Drive 

There are many ways to export Yahoo emails to your hard drive. You can decide on your own which solution is the most effective among the ones mentioned here. Different methods to back up Yahoo emails to hard drives are:

  • Copy And Paste Technique to Save Yahoo Emails In A Word File
  • Individually Backup Messages From Yahoo Mail Onto Your Local Hard Drive
  • Enabling POP/IMAP Settings To Export Yahoo Email To Other Email Clients
  • Method For Automatically Saving Yahoo Emails To Hard Drive

First Method: Copy And Paste Technique To Save Yahoo Emails In A Word File

It is the most basic way of exporting Yahoo email to a hard drive.

  1. Use any browser to access your Yahoo email account.
  2. Upon logging in, choose the email you want to save by clicking on it.
  3. Now, select the entire message and copy it.
  4. After that, launch Word and paste this message.
  5. Lastly, choose a location and save the Word document there.

Second Method: Individually Back Up Messages From Yahoo Mail Onto Your Local Hard Drive

This method of saving Yahoo emails on your hard drive is faster than the previous one. If you opt for this, follow the steps given below.

  1. Initially, launch any browser and access your Yahoo Mail account.
  2. Then, choose the email that needs to be archived. 
  3. After that, click on the Print option by selecting the three dots from the top menu.
  4. In the end, to save Yahoo emails to the hard drive, click the “Save” button.

Third Method: Enabling POP/IMAP Settings to Export Yahoo Email to Other Email Clients

You can access all of your saved Yahoo emails on a hard drive offline after completing the setup using this method. In this, you configure your Yahoo Mail to work with a desktop-based email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc.

Note: You can find methods to convert EML files to PST files on this blog.

It completes the discussion of all the manual methods of saving Yahoo emails on a hard drive. These ways to export Yahoo emails to the hard drive are simple. But they have a few limitations. Let’s find out what.

Limitations of Manual Methods 

We discuss the drawbacks of conventional techniques of backing up Yahoo emails onto a hard drive below:

  • If you go for the first method, you won’t have the option to save the Yahoo attachments in your email as you simply copy-pasting text into Word. You will have to download the attachments separately.
  • The second technique is easy. But, the challenge is that you have to back up each Yahoo email separately on your hard drive. And if your account contains several messages, you are in for a long time.
  • Additionally, you can synchronize your account with email programs like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. But, there is always a risk of losing important information while exporting Yahoo emails on the hard drive using this method.

Therefore, we advise using an automated third-party tool to back up your Yahoo emails on a hard drive. It will help you to get around all of these restrictions.

Fourth Method: Method For Automatically Saving Yahoo Emails To Hard Drive

Use the professional Yahoo Backup Tool to minimise these restrictions. Moreover, this tool back up your entire Yahoo mailbox on your hard drive and save valuable time.

If you are doubtful that the manual methods may corrupt your precious attachments, the tool also provides a simple way of exporting Yahoo Mail to a hard drive with all your attachments intact.

Anyone can use this tool to back up their data. In addition to that even if you have a complex folder structure in your Yahoo account you don’t need to worry. The tool will preserve the hierarchy of folders and metadata.

Additionally, you can use the tool’s delete-after-download feature. It allows you to remove thousands of emails that clog up your inbox. Thus you can install this tool to save Yahoo emails to your hard drive.

We give the step-by-step procedure to export Yahoo emails to a hard drive below:

  1. Install and launch the tool on your machine.
  2. Next, log in to your account using your Yahoo account details.
  3. After that, choose the appropriate file format as per your needs.
  4. Lastly, select the desired location and press the Start button to begin the export of Yahoo Mail to your hard drive.

Summary of the Discussion

After reading the blog titled “Find Out How To Save Yahoo Emails To Hard Drive.” We learned that Yahoo is a prominent email service provider, However, it doesn’t give a direct way to save emails from your Yahoo account to your hard drive.

We found three manual methods to back up Yahoo emails to a hard drive. These methods include the copy-paste trick, individual backup of emails, and enabling POP/IMAP settings for a desktop email client.

Finally, to avoid the time-consuming limitations of manual methods. We recommend an automatic tool.

The Yahoo Backup Tool provides a simple method for exporting Yahoo Mail to a hard drive with all its attachments intact. Furthermore, it also preserves the folder hierarchy and allows users to clear their inboxes.

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