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Yoga and exercises to increase flexibility

A flexible body is considered a measure of your health. If you want to build a flexible body, then a combination of yoga and exercise can help you a lot. It works to keep you fit both mentally and physically.

It is said that the more flexible the body, the better it is. Diseases etc. also reduce when the body is flexible, and you also remain active. You can take the help of some yoga and exercise to increase your flexibility. In this article, we are telling you yoga exercises to increase the flexibility of the body.

Everyone knows that regular exercise and yoga are beneficial and necessary for health. But do you know that through exercise and yoga, you can also get an amazing flexible body?

The more flexible the body is, the better. When the body is flexible, you always remain healthy and energetic, and minor diseases do not even touch you. Old age remains far away from you. By doing regular yoga and exercise, obesity is removed and diseases related to the digestive system do not occur. Along with this, the pain in hands and feet goes away and strength comes into them. By getting a flexible body by doing regular exercise and yoga, the muscles of the neck, lungs, and ribs are also strengthened. By reducing the excess fat in the body, the body becomes light.

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Yoga to make the body flexible

To make the body flexible, we are telling you about some exercises and yoga. To begin with, it would be better that you practice only Surya Namaskar and Pranayama in the beginning. Then choose at least three asanas from the following and practice them regularly. You start seeing results in just two months.

Practice Surya Namaskar every morning after waking up. Do Anulom-Vilom along with Kapalbhati and Bhastrika. For this you can do Akarna Dhanurasana, Nataraja Asana, Gomukhasana, Halasana etc.


To do Gomukhasana, first sit in Dandasana, that is, by joining both legs straight in front of the heels and toes. Now the hands should be adjacent to the waist and the palms should rest on the ground. Eyes should be straight ahead. Now bend the left leg and keep the heel near the right buttock, then bend the right leg and keep it on top of the left leg touching each other. In this situation, both thighs will come on top of each other and a triangle will be formed.

Now while inhaling raise the right hand up and pull the right shoulder up and take the hand back to the back. At the same time, take the left hand from behind the back near the stomach and hold the toes of the right hand. Keep the neck and waist straight. Now after doing one side, repeat the same process from the other side. Then after some time, while exhaling slowly, open the lock of the hands and gradually come back to the position of Dandasana. Then do this by bending the right leg and moving the right hand from above to the back, then one cycle will be completed.

But keep in mind that if there is any serious disease in the hands, legs, and spine, then do not do this asana at all. And do not try to forcefully hold the claws of the hands behind the back.

Nataraja Asana

To do Nataraja Asana, first of all, stand straight. Then take the right leg back and lift it above the ground. After this, bend it from the knee and hold the paw of that leg with the right hand. Then try to raise the right leg with the right hand as high as possible. Raise the left hand up in front. During this, keep the head raised upwards. Now after 3 seconds come back to the first position. Then do the same action with the other leg.

Akarna Dhanurasana

To do Akarna Dhanurasana, first of all, sit straight in front by touching both legs. This position is called the Dandasana position. Now keep the palms on the ground by touching the hands to the waist. Keep the waist, shoulders, and head straight. Look ahead and take a deep breath. By doing this asana, amazing flexibility comes in the hips and legs.


To do Halasana, first lie down on your back, and now keep both your hands parallel to the ground. Now keep both feet together and also keep the heels and toes together. After this, slowly raise both legs up. Let the hands remain straight on the ground. After coming into this position, the chin is placed on the upper part of the chest (towards the throat). After coming to the full position of Halasana, stay in this position for 8 to 10 seconds and keep breathing and exhaling naturally. And after this, to come back to the normal position, without bending the knees, slowly bring the feet back to their place by giving emphasis on the neck and shoulders. The solution is easy.

Exercises to make the body flexible

Start with cycling

If you want to control your weight and make your body flexible, then it is better to start with cycling. This is a very effective recipe to keep yourself fit and flexible. You can go cycling for half an hour every morning.

Mat exercises

This exercise is done by laying mats on the ground, hence it can also be called mat exercise. To do this, it is necessary that you start it with the help of a trainer. If you want, you can also learn it on the Internet. Along with time and effort, it also helps in increasing the level of this exercise.


This exercise is very effective to make the body flexible. By doing this, oxygen reaches completely in the body. By doing this regularly, not only do you become flexible but also get rid of obesity. And by doing this, your mood also remains fresh.

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