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What is Acro Yoga? All the information from the benefits and poses of acro yoga

Combining yoga and acrobatics, acro yoga is an exciting challenge for your mind and body. Nowadays it is in the trade, which look is adopting it to be fit or talks about adopting. But before you board this trend train, there are a few things related to acro yoga that you need to know. Here’s an in-depth look at everything about AcroYoga, from the best poses for beginners to safety tips for those who are already doing AcroYoga. Through 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, you can learn yoga and get complete information about yoga.

Firstly, what is AcroYoga?

Acroyoga is a physical exercise that combines the principles of yoga and acrobatics. It also takes inspiration from cheerleading, dance acro, and circus art. Although you can perform it alone, it is usually performed with a partner or in a group.

There are 3 primary roles of AcroYoga-


1. Base – Base means base. In this, the person has more contact with the ground. Usually, support the flyer with your arms and legs. As a base, their back or stomach is on the floor.

2. Flyer – The person who performs above ground in AcroYoga is called Flyer. In this, the base ie the back is raised above the ground. This position or pose requires a lot of core strength and balance.

3. Spotter – In AcroYoga, the sprayers themselves do not participate in any physical activity, but are supported from outside. Which protects the flyers from falling. He also makes sure that the flyer lands correctly and can advise them on how to improve their form.

4. Benefits of Acroyoga – To be honest, there isn’t a lot of research to support the benefits of acro yoga, whether or not it can. But we have a lot to prove the benefit of Yogi life.

5. Increases strength – Acroyoga is a dope dynamic exercise. Your body passes through various points of the full range of motion and balancing. Acro yoga is a great way to increase muscle strength.

6. Balance – A 2015 research shows that yoga-based exercises help in improving balance as well as increasing mobility.

7. Calms the mind – Yoga is a great way to reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

8. Increases confidence – Studies show that regular yoga practice can increase feelings of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. Since acro yoga requires determination. It can help you utilize your inner strength in a big way.

Concentration- Acroyoga improves concentration as well as improves your thinking ability.

How to practice or practice AcroYoga?


Fish on the Leaf-

This mudra will help give you a slow start. No one has to rise in the air, but in this pose, you will all feel a stretch in your back.

how to do it-

  • Sit with knees bent forward for a base, reaching forward at hips with arms extended in front of the floor. Just like a child’s pose.
  • The flyer lays face up on the back of the base.
  • The flyer may extend the legs and arms or may be completely relaxed.

Moderate: Planck Press-

This pose or the pose can help teach the base how to balance and support a flyer’s weight.

how to do it-

  • Base i.e. the first person lying on the backbends the knees and keeps the feet flat on the ground.
  • The flyer stands at the feet of the base with the face facing forward.
  • Base places feet in front of flyer’s hips then brings knees up toward the chest.
  • The flyer activates the core to stabilize the body in a straight line.
  • The base continues to bring the knees to the chest until it is able to support and balance the weight of the flyer.
  • If possible, the base straightens the legs and lifts the flier off the ground until the torso is parallel. Holding hands when needed can help with balance.

Advanced: JD Planck-

Get both partners ready for this yoga posture that strengthens the core.

How to do-

  • Lie down on the floor with your legs straight on your back.
  • The partner has to stand facing your feet.
  • The flyer or partner lifts the legs one by one over the base, grasping the ankles of the person lying down.
  • The person taking down will keep the arm straight, supporting the knees of the partner or flyer.
  • The flyer will be in a plank pose, fully supported by the base.
  • As an alternative, both the base and the floor layer can take support of the waist keeping the arms and legs straight.

Acro yoga Security-

Overall, acro yoga can be a wonderfully amazing and mind-blowing activity for many people. But sometimes it can be a bit intimidating or even an intimidating activity, especially if you are a beginner in yoga. That means new. Here are some safety tips to help you keep your yoga practice fun and safe.

Warm up-

Whether you are new or experienced in yoga. Before doing any challenging poses, do a warm-up. Although it is true, whether you want to do challenging poses or simple exercises, make warm up your routine. It remains helpful. It also helps prevent injury.

Take Your Time-

Acro yoga may or may not be tough for you. So let’s go step by step. Be patient, and don’t push yourself beyond a limit. Start slow with easy poses and work your way up over time. There’s no need to rush.


Unlike other yoga poses and yoga poses, acro yoga requires a lot of communication. You need to talk about your pose with your partner before each pose or pose so that you know both what and how you are going to do it.

Choose the right partner-

It is very important that you choose a suitable and right partner for you to do the tough poses of Acro Yoga. Acroyoga poses require a lot of concentration and trust in each other. Only start practicing these postures with a partner who takes both yoga and safety seriously.

Urgent matter-

If you are pregnant or recovering from an injury, you should avoid acro yoga. Also, if you have problems with high blood pressure or dizziness, you should or should be consulted with your doctor before using Acroyoga.

In short-

Acro Yoga claims to be the best. This is a cool combo of yoga and acrobatics. Just keep in mind that it requires a lot of strength and balance. Although acro yoga is a bit difficult, it is still safe for most people to do acro yoga. Just do it with the right training or training. You can go for AcroYoga classes at your local yoga studio or gym or even download the AcroYoga app online.

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