The 10 Best Prague Tours

The capital city of the Czech Republic Prague is one of the most beautiful attraction tourist sites. This city is a blend of the historical and modern eras. Some of the constructions of the city are declared as heritage sites by UNESCO world heritage. You can explore this city by availing of cheap flights from UK to Ethiopia and Czech Republic or a direct flight to Prague. This city is worth visiting as you can spend days here and each day you will find a new attraction for you. The world comes here to have the best food, best, entertainment, and witness the beauty of this city. You can visit the city alone but a proper best prague tours guide will be highly recommended to visit the city in complete in the effect period lastly. Let’s see which best prague tours operators are providing their services in Prague.


1-SANDEMANs New Europe:

Three hours tour takes place twice a day during which you will visit the historical places of the city. Like Town Square, church, Rudolfinum, and the astronomical clock. You can enjoy each stop by knowing the history of the city. You cannot stop yourself from parsing the stunning places of the city.

2- Cruises to Devil’s Channel

The river Vltava is the beauty of the city and it passes through the city. Its tour is an unforgettable tour of the city’s charm. On the cruise, you can see the beautiful house. Along the river and the water mills look amazing in this city. The 50 minutes cruise journey will take you through the river. And the beauty of the city which cost around 11 Dollars per person.

3- Prague Old Town

This 2 and half hour walk with the tour will be the most informational walk around the city. Finally, during this walk, you will pass through the city’s most historic places and old town. This walk starts from the Powder gate from Republic square and ends at the Rudolfinum. This worthy and informational walk starts at 10:30 morning and completes around 2’o clock at noon.

4-Prague Foodie Tour:

This tour will take a group of around 10 people to the streets and the top restaurants of the city. This tour will taste you the best foods in the town. You cannot imagine how many different cuisines are waiting for you. From traditional foods to the modern era stylish foods will awaken your taste buds and you will enjoy the best foods of Prague. This tour covers an area of less than a mile and costs around 121 Dollars.

5-Mijn Praag Tours:

This tour will take you to the city and its soundings. These three hours rides will take you to every corner of the city and you will not even get tied as this city will amaze you due to its beauty. One stop during the riding tour will be served with drinks and photographs opportunity will be avail to the visitors. The bike tour will take you more near the natural beauty of Prague. This bike exploration will cost you around 30 euros per person.

6-Prague Food Tour:

The take-around held a day tour around the two miles and take you to old eateries points of the city to taste the sample of top beverages alcoholic and nonalcoholic. This tour is a feast where you travel around the city and taste the top-class foods of the city. This tour may cost you around 121 Dollars per person in which you will be offered the most famous beer in Prague.

7-Uniline Tours:

In the surrounding of Prague city, many other Czech sites need to be explored after visiting the city from the inside. Some places such as Koneprusy Caves are the must-visit place when you travel to the Czech. UNILINE tours provide the facility to take you on such tours where many don’t go.

8-Fun in Prague:

Visiting Prague is fun with the Fun in Prague Company which takes the tourist with the historical and current ears monuments. This six hours tour will take you on foot or some time on public transport to experience the local life of Prague. Tour operators cost only 62 Dollars which you cover by visiting the city’s beauty and grace.


This special tour is a riding tour on the tire electric scooter which cost around 70 Dollars per person. You can visit the city around Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and many other places, tourists like this facility due to its ease in which you don’t have to walk or ride a bicycle. There is no driver’s license is required to ride these scooters.

10- Prague Beer and Tapas Tour:

This tour lasted around 3 hours beginning at Saint Wenceslas and ending at the same point after having a lot of fun by sharing the city top class food and beer tasting. You can get a sample of different cultural regions’ foods and spices, pickles, and many other things. This 75 Euros tour will serve you four beers and some tram and metro rides through which you can visit the city more closely.

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