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Elevate Your Look This Holiday Season with Volumizing Mascara

If ever there was a time to experiment with new makeup looks, the holidays are it. The season’s magic is the ideal time to take your beauty game to the next level. You don’t have to change your regimen entirely. Making small swaps, like switching from regular mascara to volumizing mascara, can make all the difference. A simple swipe of a gel top coat here or a bold red lip there can transform an everyday look into a glamorous holiday soirée-ready appearance.

Start with a Strong Foundation

The holiday season, cozy and festive as it may be, also subjects your skin to some of the harshest elements. So give your skin a head start this season by laying down a solid base of primer followed by quality mineral foundation. Choosing a foundation is a matter of personal preference. You have many excellent options to consider, like powder and liquid formulas. Skin tints are another option for sheer, dewy coverage. Pressed powders provide light to full coverage. Liquid foundations are an excellent choice for matte full coverage.

Glow From Every Angle

Summer may be in the rearview, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get that sunny glow throughout the holidays. Bronzers make your skin appear like you spent the day in the sun, even if you stay inside during the colder months. Swipe a bronzer with a shimmer finish onto your upper cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, jawline, and underneath your brow arches. Bronzer adds a healthy glow to your holiday makeup look.

Add a Warm, Natural Flush

Blush is the best way to go for a natural-looking flush for pale winter cheeks. Add a pop of color to your face by swiping your favorite blush onto your mid-cheekbones. For an instant rosy glow, look for a blush and bronzer duo to save time during the busy holiday hustle and bustle.

Boost Lashes with Volumizing Mascara

You can’t talk holiday makeover magic without mentioning eye makeup. Make your eyes pop by adding volumizing mascara to your eye makeup routine. Plus, choosing the right eye shadow palette is vital when you want a metallic or smokey eye this holiday season. Look for warm, rich palettes to create endless holiday-inspired looks with a festive sparkly finish. Complete every look with volumizing mascara for long, dramatic lashes that pair perfectly with any eye makeup theme.

Rock a Bold Lip

The true trademark of any holiday makeover is bold, red lipstick. You can also try a mauve, plum, or bright pink if red is too much. To fully accentuate your lips, include a lip pencil in your lip routine to add more definition, color, and fullness where you want it. A lip pencil can also help you apply your lipstick with better precision.

Nail Your Holiday Manicure

Your calendar likely gets a little packed during the holidays, making it challenging to fit in another appointment. With an at-home mani, you can elevate your holiday look without leaving home. The trick to getting your home manicure to look legit is using a quality base coat and a chip-resistant gel top coat. Make your holiday nails a statement piece by applying a gel top coat with a high-gloss finish to help extend the length of your manicure.

About Mineral Fusion®

Beginning as a mineral cosmetics brand in 2007, Mineral Fusion® has become a leader in the natural cosmetics industry. Mineral Fusion has made an impact by offering products containing natural minerals to help leave your skin in better condition than they found it. With nutrient-rich ingredients and formulas free of potentially harsh components, Mineral Fusion is for everyone, including those with sensitive skin. Transform your beauty routine into something clean and refreshing with Mineral Fusion’s wide selection of cosmetics and nail care products, from volumizing mascara to a gel top coat. The clean beauty brand also offers refillable palettes for your complexion and eyes. Upgrade to Mineral Fusion today for stunning, high-performance beauty products powered by minerals.

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