How to Find Team Truck Driving Jobs: A Guide for Drivers Who Want to Work with Others

The unique appeal of Team Truck Driving Jobs is that it puts you in a team environment. You get to interact with other people, build rapport and trust, and help one another complete your tasks as a unit. Team truck driving can be challenging in the beginning when you’re getting used to the dynamics of working with others instead of just yourself. It’s not easy to find Team Truck Driving Jobs because they tend to be scarce and difficult to come by. However, there are dedicated resources available for drivers who want to make this kind of work their career: so let’s take a look at some places you could start your search for team driving jobs.

What is Team Truck Driving?

Team Truck Driving Jobs, also known as trucking by the crew or team trucking, refers to a situation where two or more experienced truck drivers team up to drive a single truck. In this collaboration, each truck driver has a specific role, whether that be driving the vehicle, navigating, or performing maintenance. Team truck driving can be done for any number of reasons — it may be that one of the drivers is new to the industry, or it might be that they’re driving long-haul across many states and want company.

Some companies also require their drivers to use a team driving model to save on costs, and some simply prefer to have a co-pilot in the vehicle.

Team Trucking Jobs: Where to Find Them

As we’ve established above, there are several reasons why you might want to join a team driving job. The good news is that there are several places you can look to find team driving jobs. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options for team drivers:

At a Transportation Company’s Hub

You might want to consider putting out feelers at a Team Truck Driving Jobs agency’s hub. This is especially true if you’re new to the industry and don’t have much experience under your belt. Agencies have a high turnover rate among their team driving members, so they’re always on the lookout for fresh blood. If you’re new to the industry and don’t have much experience, you might want to consider reaching out to an agency closest to you to see if they need any help. Another option is to contact agencies near the routes you want to drive.

At a Shipper or Receiver’s Hub

Hubs are popular destinations for team drivers, too. If you’re looking to join a team driving job that’s close to home, check out the shipper and receiver hubs near you. They often have a high turnover rate due to the difficult nature of their work, so they might be willing to hire you on as a team driver if you’re willing to work long hours.

Through a Freight-Sharing Company

You might end up with people you’re familiar with from forums or professional driving networks, or you might have complete strangers. The good news is that this is a great way to find team driving jobs if you don’t have any experience or are new to the industry. You can often find these opportunities on various driving and trucking forums, as well as on sites like Craigslist.

By Becoming an Owner-Operator

If you want to team up with other drivers, but you want more control over the terms of your driving job, consider becoming an owner-operator. Owner-operators often hire drivers to be on their team, and they have a lot more flexibility in terms of how often they work and with whom they want to team up.


In this guide, we’ve examined what team truck driving is, and explored a number of ways you can go about finding team driving jobs. Now, it’s up to you to put in the work and make your dream a reality.

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