Know the Methods to Export AOL Email to Thunderbird

Quickly export AOL emails to Thunderbird

In today’s environment, there are a large number of desktop and Web-based email applications available in the world. AOL (America Online) Mail is one such web-based email client which saves all the user’s emails and important contacts in the PFC file format. PFC stands for Personal Cabinet File.

On the contrary, Thunderbird is a type of desktop email client that works with the MBOX file type. As the file formats used by both are different, it is not possible to properly access the emails from AOL in Thunderbird. Thus, there is a requirement to export AOL email to Thunderbird. This would mean the transfer of PFC files from AOL mail.

Requirement to Convert AOL PFC to Thunderbird

There are multiple factors influencing the shift from a web-based email client. Like AOL to a desktop-based email application like Thunderbird. For a variety of reasons, users may need to perform the process to transfer AOL email to Thunderbird.

  • If the user wants to create a backup of mail on the hard disk, then there may be a need to access data through a desktop email application like Thunderbird.
  • If a user has multiple accounts and wishes to access them from a single application, Thunderbird can be used.
  • People can get data from the server even if the server isn’t running. They might need to export AOL email to Thunderbird in order for this.
  • Thunderbird has a number of useful features that are better for any email service user, such as message archive, attachment reminder, activity manager, and a powerful search option.

Standalone Software to Convert AOL to Thunderbird

The biggest problem with the manual approach is that it requires IMAP/POP3 configuration to be done, which is a Herculean task for users who lack technical knowledge. So, such users can opt for the specialized and trusted software called “AOL to Thunderbird Converter,” which can easily perform the task to export AOL email to Thunderbird. In this way, one can conveniently access all the emails from AOL in Thunderbird.

Some of the excellent features of the AOL to Thunderbird Converter Software are as follows:

  • This software has the ability to convert AOL PFC to Thunderbird and also to other different file formats like PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, PDF, HTML, and MHT.
  • Utilize Batch Mode if you want to download all the emails from multiple AOL email accounts.
  • The tool enables a user to filter out and select particular emails through the use of the Filter options.
  • It provides compatibility with AOL 9.7/9.6/9.5/9/8 & below versions.

Final Words

Most users who try to export AOL email to Thunderbird face a plethora of issues. So, they are not able to migrate their data manually. This is mainly because there are a number of shortcomings in the manual procedure. Therefore, it is best to use another alternative in the form of automated software to convert AOL PFC to Thunderbird. This tool will surely help in exporting AOL emails without any data loss.
We hope this article is fruitful for you guys.

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