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Oocyte Cryopreservation or Egg Freezing Process and Benefits.

What is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, is the process of preserving a woman’s egg. It is a process of extracting, freezing, and storing a woman’s eggs so that she can protect her ability to conceive. When the woman wants to get pregnant, the eggs are thawed. Fertilized with partner or donor sperm resulting in pregnancy. The frozen eggs can be stored for several years and made available to the woman as and when desired. This technique has enabled women to postpone pregnancy to a later date or future when they want to get pregnant, whether for medical treatment or social reasons.

If you are also not planning for pregnancy, then egg freezing treatment is the best option. Oasis Fertility in Secunderabad is the best IVF and egg-freezing clinic where you can safely preserve your fertility.

What is the process of Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing is a fertility preservation alternative for women who do not have a partner, do not want to use donor sperm, have ethical or religious objections to embryo freezing or are treated for cancer.  

This process of egg freezing is something similar to embryo freezing. After 10 to 12 days of hormone injections, the doctor removes eggs from the body. The unfertilized eggs are then frozen for future use. As with embryo freezing, egg freezing also occurs approximately two weeks after the onset of the woman’s period. Depending on when the woman’s menstrual cycle occurs, this process may require a two to four-week delay to freeze eggs. When the woman is willing to use the frozen eggs, the doctor thaws the eggs and fertilizes the surviving eggs with a procedure called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), using her partner’s or a donor’s sperm. The remaining embryos are then transferred to her uterus.  

The success of egg freezing used to be less than embryo freezing, as eggs are more delicate structures that do not freeze and thaw embryos. Now, vitrification accomplishes success rates similar to fresh eggs. Typically, 5-15 eggs freeze in a cycle, of which 80% will likely survive the freeze-thaw process. It would be expected that 70% of the thawed eggs would be fertilized.

What are the Benefits of Egg Freezing?

  • Egg freezing allows a woman to preserve her fertility and “stop” the biological clock. Women peak fertility in their early 20s, at the point when many are just getting started on their careers or education. One of the primary benefits of egg freezing is that it allows you to pursue your career and achieve the dream of motherhood when you feel you are ready. 
  • Egg freezing gives you a sense of relief. Many women feel under pressure to beat the biological clock. One of the benefits of egg freezing is that you follow your preferred timeline and have a baby when you feel ready. Additionally, egg freezing gives you extra time to find the right partner and settle for someone you feel sure about. 
  • Surgery that requires removing the ovary (or ovaries), uterus, or Fallopian tubes can compromise fertility and make it difficult or impossible to conceive independently. Treatments for cancer, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy, can damage your reproductive organs and cause infertility. Egg freezing preserves your fertility before such invasive medical procedures are done.

What does it cost for a woman to freeze her eggs?

How much does it cost a woman to freeze her eggs? It depends. It depends on where the woman lives. Which particular clinic did she choose? How many eggs retrieval cycles does she undergo? And how long the eggs are stored?

That is just egg retrieval and freezing. Later, there may be other costs, notably the thawing and other costs of IVF. 

Some health insurance companies will cover part of the cost, and some will not.


For a woman, egg freezing priority can be for several reasons, irrespective of age. To get the best consultant for IVF treatment in the future to become a fertile mother, you can choose Oasis fertility Secunderabad. It is a renowned fertility center in Secunderabad with expert specialists who have versatile experience and has given the best results in delivering healthy babies and assisting complex cases by providing correct guidance & treatment.

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