How about a custom bobblehead doll

If you’re wondering what gift to send to your loved ones for the coming Christmas, you can opt for a customized bobblehead doll. Custom bobblehead dolls are common today. Not only is it fun to look cute, but it also shows how you value your relationship with the recipient.

How about a custom bobblehead doll?

A custom bobblehead doll is a small figure with an individual face. An ideal gift item that can be personalized with the recipient’s face and personalized with custom designed scenes and backgrounds. Most importantly, custom bobblehead dolls aren’t that expensive. So you can ask for a lot to offer to your friends, children and other special people.

Add features to bobblehead dolls

It’s not enough to just look at a fellow’s face with a bobblehead doll. For your most important friends and loved ones, you can add more personalization to your gifts.

You can order personalized bobblehead dolls for your special partner. Some companies make bobblehead dolls by inserting small chips into the base of the figure. You can ask the bobblehead vendor to include your own recorded voice clips. In addition, pre-made messages can be embedded in custom bobblehead dolls.

For kids, get custom bobblehead dolls, including your favorite cats, superheroes, and cartoon characters. Take a picture of your dog and ask him to make a bobblehead doll. This will please the children and they will enjoy their gifts.

Collector items for your partner

For friends who love to collect items related to sports hobbies, we can offer personalized bobblehead dolls of famous athletes. If your friends are fans of a particular sports team, why not order a custom bobblehead doll for a star player? Your collector’s friends will certainly appreciate the gift.

To make your custom bobblehead doll available to your friends, ask the bobblehead doll maker to create a base that can be easily attached to your car’s dashboard. Your friends will not make any extra effort to install the bobblehead doll.

However, if you want a friend to decorate your office desk with a custom bobblehead doll, make sure its base has a special glue designed specifically for the glass surface. Custom bobblehead dolls can be safely viewed on a glass-enclosed desktop.

You can ask the custom bobblehead doll maker to create a base like a pencil holder and add utilities. Your friends will use them in their daily work and will surely remember you for the kindness of your gift. Personalized bobblehead dolls are the perfect way to surprise your close friends with a special Christmas gift.

Personalized bobblehead doll as a bedside lamp

You can further customize the bobblehead doll to make it a convenient household item. Specifically, you can order a custom bobblehead doll like graduation bobble heads that acts as a bedside lamp. If the manufacturer cannot meet your requirements, you can customize it yourself.

A small LED light panel can be attached to the base of the bobblehead doll. You can also use the flexible neon lamps found in luxury cars. These lights require very little power to power the small batteries inside the lights.

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