Health Insurance Policy for Middle Class Family

The basic goal of a health insurance policy is to keep you and your family from having to spend a large sum of money on medical bills. Assume you need treatment for a disease or sickness that necessitates hospitalisation or costly surgical procedures. In that instance, your health insurance company will reimburse the total amount of the health insurance plan you owe.

Though health insurance is not well known in India, the recent pandemic has raised awareness of these products. That have proven to be a lifesaver for many families during these tough times. As a consequence, a health insurance policy is a lifesaver for middle-class families.

Best Health Insurance Policy

Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 best health insurance policies for middle-class families in India in 2022, as well as their features:

1. HDFC ERGO my health Suraksha – Gold Smart Plan

This HDFC ERGO health insurance plan provides comprehensive coverage for the entire family. The lowest age to register for the policy is three years, and there is no maximum age limit. It covers pre/post hospitalisation costs. It also provides cashless home healthcare, free annual health check-ups and childcare procedure coverage. You can also claim non-allopathic therapies and mental health care. If you are hospitalised for more than 10 days in a row, you are entitled for a lump sum payment of Rs. 15,000 to cover family expenditures. HDFC ERGO claims that they settle 90 percent of cashless claims within 20 minutes, making it a strong contender for the title of best mediclaim policy for family in India.

2. Star Health Family Health Optima

This is a health insurance plan for a family. This insurance is available on a floater basis to anybody between the ages of 18 and 65. After the sum insured has been exhausted, a comprehensive coverage provides automatic restoration of the sum covered up to 3 times. All childcare treatments are also covered, and the insurer will pay medical fees for assisted reproduction treatment. They also provide a 120-day grace period from the date of the premium’s expiration to renew the policy.

3. Max Bupa (Now Niva Bupa) Health Companion Individual

Among the numerous health insurance plans from Max Bupa, this coverage is an excellent alternative for people and families. A person can pick from a variety of sum insured options ranging from Rs 4 lakhs to Rs 1 crore. Similarly, the coverage includes many advantageous features such as no room rent cap, international coverage, reimbursement of OPD treatment, Loyalty bonus, maternity cover, and so on, in addition to coverage for Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathic treatments.

4. Care Health Insurance Policy

The Care health insurance plan provides insurance with OPD coverage for amounts ranging from 5 lakhs to 6 crores. It includes hospitalization costs, daycare/ OPD expenditures, domiciliary hospitalisation, co-payment waiver, a huge network of hospitals to enable cashless treatment, and so on are some of the features. You can utilise optional OPD insurance coverage to claim an amount equivalent to their medical costs at the time of reimbursement. While toddlers must be 3 months old to enter, adults must be 18 years old. There is no upper limit on how old you may be.

5. Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater Insurance Plan

Oriental Insurance, a public sector insurance company, offers a family floater plan with a total insured ranging from Rs.2 lacs to Rs.20 lacs with three options: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. It provides compensation for a second opinion, newborn infant coverage, restoration of the sum insured. And other benefits in addition to the standard features of health insurance. Furthermore, if you choose TPA services, you will receive a 5.5 percent premium reduction. If you purchase the policy online, you will receive an extra 5% discount on the premium.


Now that you’ve reviewed the various insurance plans accessible to you for your family, it’s time to take action. You may be seeking the best health insurance policy in India, but many health insurance policies have similar qualities, and you must be clear on what you want from a health plan as a decision-maker.

To begin, you must first determine how many members of your family you want to include in a health insurance plan. If you’re looking for the best health insurance for a middle-class family in India, start with the number of individuals in your household who need coverage.

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