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Acai Bowl Recipe to Try at Home

Acai Bowl

Do you know how important it is to have a healthy breakfast?

Are you looking for an easy recipe that is also healthier?

Let us help you make easy and healthy acai bowl and kick start your day.

The world today has gone to fast food and fried food. These foods are full of spices and filled with oils and butter. They contain beef and chicken. Excessively this kind of food can be harmful for human health. These cause overweight and specifically high blood pressure like diseases.

These diseases become fatal if not treated timely. Oils and butter are adding to high cholesterol if we do not exercise to burn. Hence, having some healthy start is important. The fresh fruits and vegetables are easy to cook and have a great taste to enjoy. They do not need apices to add and a very little cooking makes the food ready.

What are acai berries and where are they cultivated

Through this article, you will understand the recipe for the acai berries bowl. An acai berry is a berry like a blackberry. And this berry is a fruit found mostly in amazon areas of central and southern America. You will find this natural fruit largely in the rainforests of Brazil. Likewise blackberry this fruit is now very popular over the globe. It is round fruit like olives with purple color.

Then, the size of the berries is approximately 20 to 25 millimeters round in shape. People might waste the fruit if they do not soak it or freeze it. Ancient Brazilians normally mash fresh berries to make a paste. Acai berries are not only eaten as a fruit but are also used to make flavors of chocolate, jellies, and many types of ice creams. They are used in body creams and lotions for essence etc.

Acai bowl recipe

An acai bowl is a Brazilian fruit juice and contains a mixture of natural smoothie paste. Preferably you can also use acai powder. Secondly, you will add blueberries and strawberry paste. Frozen paste of berries is mostly pure. Then, you have to add the pure frozen banana paste.

In the mixture of the paste, add pure milk as a liquid to prepare the acai berries smoothie. You can then add on yogurt without any flavors to make it more tasty and full of energy. Afterward, you can add toppings of your choice and taste to this smoothie.

You can top up it with slices of fruits like pineapple, cherries, mangoes, etc. some people even add ground nuts and seeds. Also, people can use granolas could be used as toppings. Acai bowls are full of energy and taste. A glass of this smoothie will make you satisfied with it. Further, the requirement of easy food. You can add any toppings of fruits which you like and the taste is always good.

Importance of the dish

When you are tired of having a single flavor. Then add variations to the dish. Like, change the fruits and toppings of the dish. As many varieties as you want, you can change, add or remove the toppings. These toppings make the dish sweeter. As the berries they are not too sweet.

In particular, the extra fruits will make the dish sweet and tasty. People who follow a specific diet plan can utilize them in portions of meals. It won’t get you to gain fats. With this, the fibrous content will improve your digestive system problems. It will balance out your deficiencies in vitamins.

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