5 simple techniques to find the best personal loan

Unsecured personal loans are used to satisfy immediate financial demands. It is readily available from banks at interest rates as low as 9.85 percent per annum. If you find yourself in a financial bind, the best thing you can do is apply for a Personal Loan. Nowadays, anyone with a strong credit history can acquire immediate approval and credit without much difficulty. From the convenience of one’s own home, one can quickly locate and apply for a Personal Loan from reputable lenders such as Bank Of Maharashtra. If you’re thinking about getting a personal loan, here’s how to find the best deals:

Look for loans with the most generous terms

Before applying for a Personal Loan, you need the first figure out how much you need to borrow. Personal Loans have a maximum loan amount that is the same as the amount issued to the borrower, which is normally up to Rs 20 lakh. However, the amount would vary depending on a number of things. However, it’s a sufficient amount to cover major expenses such as medical emergencies, home renovations, family vacations, and so on.

Look for lenders with simple eligibility requirements

You must meet specific criteria in order to be eligible for a Personal Loan. Bank Of Maharashtra, for example, has simple personal loan eligibility criteria that you can readily obtain and apply for. To apply for a Personal Loan, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A resident of India
  • Possess a good credit score
  • A salaried individual with a monthly income of more than Rs 25,000
  • Bank statement

Look for Pre-Approved Loans

To get a better-customized interest rate, look for pre-approved offers from your existing lenders. For example, the Bank of Maharashtra offers a pre-approved Instant Personal Loan to select Bank of Maharashtra customers. Existing clients can use Internet Banking or the personal loan app to look for pre-approved offers. The process is paperless, and money is available in seconds.

Select a suitable loan tenure

Personal loans are normally for a longer period of time. Choose a lender who allows you to choose your repayment period and EMIs based on your financial situation. Look for Personal Loans with a longer-term so you can return the amount without feeling obligated. A longer loan term means higher total interest to be paid

Applying for multiple loans is not a good idea

Your credit score may be impacted by several loan applications to different lenders. The credit history of the borrower is frequently checked by banks. You will have a lower probability of getting a Personal Loan if you apply for many loans. Before opening a new application, make sure you have a 30-day window open.


When analyzing loan offers, keep these items in mind. A Personal Loan is the greatest way to put an end to your financial woes. Furthermore, you are not required to put up any assets as security for the loan. If you’re short on funds, you can apply for a Personal Loan of up to Rs 20 lakh with an interest rate as low as 9.85 percent per annum.

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