Cationic Polyester Fabric and It Uses in Apparel Industries

In modern time, we are used to use various types of fabric in our daily life. If we notice it, we can see the diversity of the fabrics. Our used fabrics are different types. Among the used fabrics based clothes, cationic polyester is one of them. It’s a lightweight fabric that used for making different kind of dresses like shirt, curtain, sofa’s cover, carpet etc.

The chemical name of the fabric is polybutylene terephthalate that is known as the elastic polyester. And people know it as the cationic dyed polyester. It’s type of modified polyester that dyed with the help of 110 ℃. Most of the cationic polyesters are multi-tonal and brighter quality.

Now we get different types of dresses those are finished by cationic polyester fabric and Bangladesh is a great importer for that. If you want to get a good source of cationic polyester clothes, you can contact the best buying house in Bangladesh.

However, by this article, we are going to share you the cationic polyester fabric and it’s uses in the apparel industries.

What is Cationic Polyester Fabric?

Cationic denotes the fabric as cationic dyed polyester. The short form of cationic polyester is PBT or CDP. PBT refers to the modified polyester produced by charging macromolecules with the cationic dyeable. And CDP is dyed with cationic dyed at 110℃ temperature. However, the usual polyester-dyed temperature is110 ℃.

Cationic fabric is an ideal blend of polyester and fibers that cannot tolerate much temperature during dyeing treatments. You can easily identify this fabric by following the features:

  • Extra-ordinary elasticity
  • Strong color tone
  • Thick types
  • More anti-pill
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Bright colored types
  • Ultra-violet resistance
  • Water resistance

What is the Difference between the Cationic Polyester Vs.? Polyester Fabric?

  1. The yarn of cationic dyed polyester has the superior hygroscopic performance to the usual polyester-based yarn.
  2. Usual polyester dresses are simple to generate static electricity, and in this regard, cationic dresses are quite different.
  3. Cationic yarn has a great anti-pilling power where ordinary polyester is absent.
  4. Whenever we compare the fabric condition, we find cationic as rigid.
  5. The term about color fastness: cationic polyester is better than usual.
  6. Cationic polyester fibers are darker than the usual dyeing fibers on the same color dyeing term.
  7. In terms of wearing: Cationic polyester fabrics are as usual as natural fabrics. It is a lower price than natural silk.

The Uses:

Cationic fabrics (sports) have a good water absorption capability. Generally, its dyeing tanks are small in size. The knitting qualities of these fabrics are interlock, sweatpants, yoga dresses, fitness clothes, etc. Cationic polyester fabrics are thick types. However, the brushing condition is not bad.

Cationic clothes are eco-friendly. These fabrics are of soft quality, and you feel comfortable when you use them. They are used for making a dress for men and women. Most swimmers and sportspeople use extra-ordinary elasticity and lightweight capability to use these fabrics.

Why is Cationic Dyed polyester Darker than General Polyester on the Same Dyeing Term?

Cationic denotes the perfection of dyeing fact. On the same dyeing matter, it requires a lower quality temperature than that of the normal quality polyester. Having lower crystallinity, cationic polyester has the easy capability to paint. It has the two-tone effect of the cationic dyed polyester segment. That is why; cationic dyed polyester is darker than the usual polyester on the same dyeing segment.

Benefits of Using :

  1. Having a good water-absorbing capability, cationic is useful for making customizable fitness fabrics: swimwear.
  2. It is also eco-friendly, the clothes sale is also increasing.
  3. We get water resistance, strength, and better elasticity fabrics with these fibers.
  4. For making cationic fibers, the chemical is available for corrosion, dilute alkali, and bleaching resistance. These chemicals resist ultraviolet light.

Disadvantages :

  1. The main drawback of cationic fabric is that the production cost is more than normal quality fabric.
  2. Cationic polyester is simple to replace yarn with dyed fabrics.

Final Thought:

 As a result, they are environmentally friendly and used for multi-purposes. Having water resistance capability, we can use them on the special faculty. As this type of fabric is useful in many ways, we should ensure its proper use.

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