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7 Tips to Keep A House With Pets Clean and Good-Smelling

Pets definitely make life less stressful, more bearable and more beautiful. Loving pet owners can attest to that beyond a hundred percent! With pets at home, harmony gets added, and happiness gets extended. Indeed, they are not just mere animals but significantly part of the family. 

While you can be sure that pet owners will say the same thing, many pet owners will also agree that the house gets a little messier with their fur babies in it. If maintaining a house with humans is already challenging, wait until you experience the mind-blowing need of having to clean your house from time to time when you have pets. 

When they keep running around, their fur and other dirt that may attach to their bodies spread around the house. If they have muddy feet, your floor will have muddy paw prints. Pet food also sometimes gets dragged here and there, as well as water that gets spilled after the pet played with its food and water bowl. Not to mention, pet cats and dogs are culprits to broken ceramics, bitten wires, torn paper bills, wrecked shoes and other ruined objects in the house. These cause clutter, too. 

Those are just some common scenarios, but there surely many more. It’s quite hard to keep the house neat with pets, but it’s not impossible. Here are 7 tips to keep a house with pets clean and good-smelling. 

1 – Bathe your pets well.


Pets naturally get dirty because they get in contact with wet, sticky, dusty and dirty surfaces indoors and outdoors. The air and the dust riding it are also reasons why fur babies get dirty even without moving a lot. Just like humans, pets need a proper bath. 

Bathe your pets well. Establish a grooming routine for your pets. They are not to be washed daily as humans do because they might get sick. When bathing them, use a gentle pet shampoo that suits your pet’s skin and health. Best to consult a veterinarian to know what to use. Fully dry them after bath. Set a specific schedule best for your pet and for you.

Freshen up your furry creatures thoroughly, so they will really get cleaned, and any unpleasant odors will be eliminated. 

2 – Choose furniture with the suitable material.

pet owner

If your pet always climbs up and runs over your sofas and couches, causing them to be covered in fallen fur and crumbs of various dirt coming from their little paws, you are surely having a hard time maintaining cleanliness inside your house. It’s unavoidable whenever you let your pet freely move. You might consider the need to change your furniture.  

Choose a replacement with the suitable material. Pick one that does not keep hair stuck to it, that does not take odors for its own, and that does not make stains very obvious. It would be a big headache to keep washing your sofa’s sheet cover if it’s vulnerable to countless fur and apparent spots. With the right furniture, you are reducing your stress, lessening the need for frequent washing and abolishing the possibility of restraining your pets to be free. 

3 – Keep pets off your sofas.


On another note, if possible, keep off your sofas. If you cannot do the previous point yet really want to keep the house clean, then this is what you should do. Hold them back from staying on cushions that might catch their fur. Whenever you see them aiming for your couches, try to stop them. If you are too late to do that, then just gently and kindly let them get off. 

Pets can also be taught, and they learn and follow. Train them to avoid hopping onto furniture you want to preserve. It takes patience because if they are playful and quite heedless, you will have a long time before they comply with your new rule. Nevertheless, expect that they will learn and abide by it soon.

4 – Use a vacuum cleaner.


It’s a hard job to manually wipe out and pick up fur and dirt brought by your pets. That seems an absurd thing to do, but some do this.

Don’t give yourself a taxing time. Use a vacuum cleaner that matches up well with your house with pets. Put the irritating hairs away. Blow away the nasty smells. Choose the one with an excellent brushing function, so you can ensure that the frustrating hairs will really get taken out. Don’t forget to clear the filter before using the vacuum again because hairs will still be there and will spread if you forget.

5 – Maintain good ventilation in your house.

furry pets

Guests who do not have pets at home easily frown upon entering a house that smells bad all over because of pets. Sometimes, the problem is not only about the pet’s grooming. It could also be the house’s air circulation. 

Since the odors just revolve within the house, the atmosphere can definitely be altered by the presence of furry babies. Sometimes, even with good pet grooming, the air at home still feels suffocating, smells stagnant. That’s because there’s not enough passageway for air to come in and out. This could be the case for the whole house or only for the area where the pets stay. 

Remember to maintain good ventilation in your house. Unlock your windows. Open your doors if it’s safe to do so. Welcome in some fresh air. Do not barricade potential thruways for air. 

6 – Create a pet corner.


Regardless of whether your house is existent or is still undergoing construction, if you are sure that you have or will have one or more pets, have a pet room created. If not a room, a pet corner will do.

This will be your pets’ own zone, where they can do what they want and play how they want to play. Without causing a mess in your house, your pets can enjoy it. Without worrying, you can let them alone as well. Just make sure that everything is made and designed safely in that pet corner, so that you can guarantee their safety even when you leave them there.

Speak with expert custom home builders, and let them know your desire for a pet crib. They can tailor-make it for you and craft it perfectly for your abode’s size and look.

7 – Use the right cleaning agents.

furry petsBesides a vacuum cleaner, cleaning substances are a must to remove pet fur and dirt lying around the house. Of course, offensive odors can be terminated using them as well.

See to it that you have the correct cleaning agents. They must help you accomplish work more efficiently and more comprehensively. Depending on the surfaces you are going to clean, select your cleaning chemicals. Different floors allow different cleaning mediums. Do it wisely.



Yes, you love your fur babies so much, but you cannot just let them make your house dirty, chaotic and smelling foul. In the first place, you and your family living in that house will be the ones to suffer the consequences of an unclean house with pets. Your health will be adversely affected. The quality of living in your house will decline. Guests will be uncomfortable. Your house cannot be presentable that way. Even your family members might not like it.

A tidy and good-smelling house is always a must! You can stay in it with a refreshing feeling and health in great condition. You can avoid any kind of stress carried by an awful home environment. Both you and your beloved pets will benefit from it. 

Pets belong to your family, and you love to live with their precious existence. Keep them safe and healthy while you also keep yourself safe and healthy inside a pleasant house. Do what must be done to spruce up your dwelling and to ensure that it stays agreeable to living and to life.



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Worthington Homes, a trust-worthy Sydney builder specializing in residential construction. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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