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4 Amazing Dental health benefits of Practicing Yoga

benefits of Practicing Yoga

Do you think flossing and brushing aren’t sufficient enough? You’ll be shocked to learn that there’s more to dental hygiene than flossing and brushing. Are you aware of how intertwined every part that we have is? If you’re aware of that, it should not be difficult to understand the significance of Yoga’s role. Yoga’s benefits go beyond flexibility and mental health. Regular yoga practices can help with the health of your teeth.

While it’s not an alternative to frequent visits to the dentist in downtown Ottawa, dentist Yoga is believed to provide several benefits to your dental health and gums.

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Yoga helps improve your posture.

There are many benefits to having a great posture. It can help you breathe better, improve your core strength, improve your mood, and boost self-esteem. Being healthy and fit enhances your concentration and cognitive abilities, productivity, energy, and engagement.

A good posture can also benefit your teeth. Most people think that posture doesn’t have anything to do with directly impacting dental health. But research has shown that our postures significantly influence our health and dental.

So, how do you do it?

Poor posture doesn’t just impact the lumbar spine or neck. It also affects the jaw. The lower jaw slacks when a person slouches or hunches forward, which causes both jaws to be misaligned. The spine also gets squeezed as the skull moves back.

Professionally certified physiologists, such as those from the Oriole Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Centre, can aid in improving the alignment of your spine, and regular yoga classes can assist in improving your flexibility in the spine and help support.

Yoga Lowers Inflammation

Inflammation can lead to a myriad of health problems. It may result in dental problems like periodontal diseases and tooth decay if not addressed. The inflammation response may be generalized or localized throughout the body. However, it can lead to issues. Gum inflammation can be upon by stress in general. It usually happens when the body produces cortisol. It is a hormone that helps you deal with stress.

Your endocrine system emits cortisone to your body when it enters “flight or flight” mode. The function of cortisol is to serve the role of an anti-inflammatory. It is supposed to aid you in remaining calm during an emergency. But, too much cortisol can have adverse effects. It makes people agitated and creates inflammation.

Your body is continuously filled with cortisol; long-term stress can trigger chronic inflammation. This may lead to long-term gingivitis and irritation of the gums. Yoga poses that calm the endocrine system and aid in helping the body deal with excess cortisol are also helpful in reducing gum inflammation, which could result in oral health issues.

Enhances Saliva Production

Saliva helps in digesting food particles. It helps in swallowing and helps wash harmful bacteria and food particles away from the surfaces of the gums and teeth. The growth of bacteria inside your mouth will be less probable if you’re drooling more.

If you don’t have enough saliva in your mouth to remove the mouth of microbes, this can increase the chances of having bad breath. The buildup of plaque, gum disease and tooth decay could be worsened by severe dry mouth.

When performing specific yoga postures, studying and practising breathing techniques is possible. Saliva production can increase when your forward folds, inverted positions, and certain twists.

Reduces Stress

Stress is a part of our society. You’re stressed out about many issues without being conscious of it, whether it’s your work or family relationships. It can affect not only your overall health but as well on the health of your mouth.

The grinding of the teeth can be a frequent manifestation in stressed people. It can cause tooth enamel loss as well as microcracks, periodontal receding, loose teeth, painful jaw muscles, and many other oral ailments.

In addition, stress levels increase cortisol levels, which may cause gum oedema to worsen. The gums are prone to inflammation and could also increase the chance of developing dental caries.

Yoga is, in fact, an effective stress-reliever. It helps your body and mind to relax and reduces your stress levels.


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