10 suggestions for caring about your pricey clothing

10 suggestions for caring about your pricey clothing

We spend a lot of our hard-earned money on designer apparel and other expensive stuff, therefore maintaining them is just as important as wearing them out in public.

If neglected or mistreated, even pricey, high-quality, designer clothing will disintegrate. Investments in stylish shirts for men, and timeless styles will pay off in the long run because they will not only survive longer when properly cared for, but they will also look better. Here are some helpful hints for caring for your clothing.

10 suggestions for caring about your pricey clothing

1. Take up hand washing:

Some sensitive materials respond best to hand washing. A straightforward yet crucial skill is proper hand washing. This is the best suggestion anyone could give you for maintaining your pricey clothing.

2. Treat Stains Right Away:

At a cocktail party, did you get a touch tipsy and spill some appetizers? Don’t let a stain remain. Wet stains with plain water as quickly as you can. A speedy pre-treatment can mean the difference between a quick, successful hand-wash later and a stain that won’t come out.

3. If the item is discolored, soak it:

When we say “soaking,” we imply submerging the cloth for a while in the water. The stain will have plenty of time to fade and disintegrate in room-temperature water for a few hours to a day, making subsequent treatments quicker and simpler.

4. Select a reputable dry cleaning facility:

The secret to getting your garments dry cleaned is to choose the proper establishment; avoid trying different places when handling immaculate items. These should be more preferred when treated to Rajasthani printed shirts, or clothing having embroidered work.

5. Indian clothing dry cleaning:

Make sure the garments are dry-cleaned using a particular method where the ornamentation is covered with a net for Indian clothing, which frequently has several delicate embellishments.

So whenever, trying to get your Indian clothes to get clean always keep them separated from others, & always keep the suggestion of dry cleaning them 

6. Decide to use a steam iron:

The best approach to avoid iron creases, lines, and marks on clothing is to steam iron it, especially on delicate materials like silk jerseys. The fastest approach to removing creases from sensitive fabrics is to steam them using a professional steam machine. Allow the steam to erase creases while holding the steamer away from the fabric.

7. Woolen clothing should be kept in airtight bags:

Knitted items made of wool, cashmere, or silk must first be dry cleaned before being placed in airtight, transparent plastic containers or bags. This suggestion would help to make your woolen stay fresh and don’t have odor problems from them

8. Keep anything covered with fabric or plastic:

Embroidered clothing is prone to tarnishing or turning black over time. You might choose cloth or plastic covers; both are meant to keep out dust, moisture, and insects.

The previous several seasons have seen a strong trend in metallic textiles, which should be protected with soft butter or tissue paper.

9. Let them hang your bulky garments

Let them hang your bulky garments, It is not preferable to fold and store your bulky Indian clothing, such as lehengas and saris, rather it’s better to hang them.

10. Storage for clothing:

In order to guard against UV damage, color fading, insect infestation, and bacterial growth, your pricey clothing needs to be stored in a clean, cool, dry, and dark environment.


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