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Is Hard Water Safe For Your Health?

“Is hard water safe for your health or not? Read this blog to know more in detail”.

Hard water contains high concentrations of dissolved solids and minerals like calcium, magnesium, chloride, sulphate, etc. The hardness of water depends on its ground source, and water from the hill area will be more complicated than in the plain area. As this groundwater of the hill area gets in contact with minerals like dolomite, limestone etc. You should have the best water purifier in Dubai for hard water problems.

The amount of calcium carbonate per litre determines the hardness of water, known as parts per million. Less than 60 ppm is considered soft water, while 60-120 ppm is considered hard water. There are many signs you can see in hard water.

What Are The Signs of Hard Water

Some significant signs might tell you that you have hard water in your home, such as:

Smell or Taste: The hard water tastes a bit different, and the smell is strong. It means that there are bacterial contaminants present in the water. Using the best water purifier in UAE, you can see significant changes in your water taste. The water may have too much iron in case of an unpleasant metallic smell.

Strange strains: The hard water generally shows signs in porcelain with brown and reddish signs. The reason for such a sign may not be related to hard water. The reddish sign may appear for the disputes in the pipe also.

Less Water Pressure: Is there less water pressure in your home? The problem may be linked to the presence of iron in the water. Sometimes this mineral deposit blocks the water pathway inside the pipe, and you get less water pressure.

Clothes Never Seem Clean Enough: Water containing excessive minerals can not effectively work on your clothes to make them completely clean. Even frequent wash in hard water can constantly put minerals into the cloth fabric, damaging it soon.

How Hard Water Affects Health

In general, hard water is not safe for health. But there are millions of people who rely on hard water. However, hard water doesn’t form any potential health risks. But it can make your skin and water dry after showering in it. Washing in hard water may also make your clothes stiff.

How To Treat With Hard Water

A water softener is the most common way to treat hard water. Softener is a particular type of filtration process that eliminates the minerals from the water and makes it soft. In this method, the water passes through a bed of resins, collects the calcium and magnesium minerals, and replaces them with sodium ions.

The water softener needs enough salt to make water soft. In that case, this type of water filter carries a separate tank for salt storage. For health, you can use the best type of water purifier. Most of the water purifiers are designed in such a way that it can make water soft.


Hard water is generally not harmful to health, but this is a specific concern for homeowners. If you are still not sure about the hardness of the water, then you can check your Municipality water report online. Discuss with your nearest suppliers and choose the best water filter in UAE for you.

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