Streamline your Spa Business With Spa Management Software

Our body needs pampering every now and then and that’s how we relax at the spa centers…even the most tired bodies could get rejuvenated with spa therapies. Spa therapies are the most soothing experiences. A spa should have a relaxed and positive atmosphere, and be pleasing to the senses, the spa should look good, smell good, and it should be serene and comfortable. As a spa business owner, you apparently want to deliver relaxation and peace of mind. Hence, it is essential to provide customers with the necessary tools allowing them to book appointments online through a user-friendly system.

Tips For Spa Business Management

Spas and wellness centers are meticulous in improving customer retention through appropriate online scheduling solutions. A client can book any kind of spa services from the lot that you provide at any particular time and date (bookings can happen for the next day even when you’re closed), and if they love it they can book another appointment at another time of his choice.
Old school methods of appointment scheduling are slowly replaced by software resolutions with the evolving technology. Thus, businesses follow both customer and market trends simultaneously. Rather than investing in ineffective solutions, why not choose a brand new spa scheduling software likely to reduce costs and improve marketing all year round? Cut down with your dedicated call center and stop asking your reception staff to hang on the phone more than necessary.

You will be able to keep your front desk staff focused on client arrivals by investing in time management solutions. By using spa scheduling software, you are not only allowing client self-scheduling, but also client self-rescheduling or cancellations. It’s very necessary to offer flexibility and let clients be in charge of their schedules.

As soon as you integrate Picktime- online scheduling software for Spa and wellness center, all your clients are free to choose from the variety of services and book, reschedule or cancel their appointments. Fans of massage sessions probably want a recurrent service and this is where Picktime makes all the difference. The client may book individual or group appointments for a one-off session or on a recurrent basis.

Benefits of using the Online Scheduler App

1. Online bookings-

Make your Bookings a hassle-free task for your clients by adding all your services and staff to your personalized booking page. Let your staff manage their appointments on their own through personal team logins. You don’t have to worry about double bookings or booking conflicts as your spa’s calendar is visible to clients and they can book appointments whenever they want. Dump all your excel sheets and appointment books and get updated to the whole new technology of scheduling appointments.

2. Systemize your Client Base-

With this feature, you could get to know everything about your clients. You will be in complete control of reaching them for offers and discounts. Imagine having all their contact numbers, email addresses, and addresses, etc., in one place all of which will enable you to produce many more marketing campaigns in the future.

3. Reduce No-shows-

Cancellations and No-shows have an influential impact on the spa and wellness industry. If you would like to stop worrying about daily losses, it’s high time you should consider using a free spa scheduling software. Picktime is the latest web-based scheduling software poised to boost your spa business performance, and client management, boost uptime and monetary savings and contribute to cutting expenses while expanding your client base. A spa scheduling software like Picktime allows you to replace cancellations with new appointments, and thus allow for last-minute bookings. It also helps spa owners improve client retention, and possibly develop loyalty with their clients.

4. Fits into your website-

Picktime is a Spa scheduling software that perfectly blends into your website. Incorporate spa scheduling software into your website. It works perfectly well with all websites. Add book now button to your website with a simple tweak to the existing functionalities of the website. No redesigns or major iterations are needed. We help you with the code for adding a simple Book now button.

5. No waiting time-

Through Picktime, your clients can forget about annoying telephone calls, or visiting your spa in person, where they may have to wait in a long queue to book their beauty service appointments or come early and wait at the reception desk With Picktime, your spa and wellness center will become more accessible, from anywhere, at any time.

6. Keep a track of all your Appointments-

As the manager of your spa and wellness center, you can enjoy the statistics of your business. You will know which are the most used services, your busiest and least busy times of the year, the most popular appointment times, and much more with the weekly or monthly reports on Picktime. Those who actually don’t keep a record of all these will never blossom into better service providers. Track your staff and their reviews efficiently through Picktime.

Picktime has made scheduling a piece of cake without any installation charges. All you gotta do is sign up and brace yourself while using it! Worry less about your appointment scheduling problems with our appointment scheduling software. Have a glance at your calendar with just one click and you are all set for your day.

Enjoy your personal time while increasing business as you don’t have to deal with frustrated customers and scheduling chaos.

Sign up for free now and let the revenue flow to your cash counter!

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