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Why Educational System Needs Technology in 2022?

The education system is in desperate need of technology as of the pandemic of 2019-2021 things change rapidly. Each and every sector was affected by it. Where lockdowns were put into place in every country which also affected the economies and loss of life. Where education systems were also disrupted due to lockdown schools were closed. The education sector had to come up with solutions because this was a waste of students’ precious time. Education systems had to introduce technologies into their regular classes. Where most of the well-developed countries were already using it, but the underdeveloped countries were struggling with using technologies, as all of this was new to them. 

Introduction of software

There were different kinds of communication and online teaching software introduced in these difficult times, which were should have been introduced before but did not happen. This new software came with a learning curve even for the children. Although children are familiar with different software as they are surrounded by them. But it was difficult for them as well and the teachers were also learning to use them.

Online Education

Many schools and universities started their personal online class platforms whereas there was already this technology present in the world. Where the developed countries were making use of it and even uploading their lectures on YouTube for everyone to have access to it. The schools which were not doing it before did encounter difficulties. Whereas kindergarten children couldn’t operate the technology themselves their parents had to help them take classes and also participated in classes to make them learn. Older students could take classes themselves so they didn’t face many problems except just learning to operate the software. Online platforms are also available which can provide the Best Dissertation Writing Service and other assignments that will also help students.

Online examination technology

Evaluation OF THE students is a vital part of the academic curriculum. The success of education depends upon the results of this evaluation. Universities and schools have to rely on this software to conduct assessments of students. On which they had no control and no way to supervise them. Although a few institutions made their students turn on their webcams while giving the examination so they can administer them throughout the exam. Where there was online education technology being implemented students also used Dissertation Methodology Help from online platforms which help them during these times.

AI technology 

AI technology played a great role in assisting the education system. Institutions used AI technology to create customised assessments for their students. Whereas AI and Machine Learning technology was already in use in the world. It was being used as a tool to create a personalised learning experience through the adjustment of the content in real-time based on user input. A good example is Doodle Learning which tailors lessons to match each capability and learning style. The Ai can also be used in chatbots to answer the student’s frequently asked questions about the course, their assignments, its deadline or even the planning of the lesson (TDH, 2019).

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage technology gives the opportunity to store the data in the cloud. Which educational organisations also used while marking students’ attendance, saving assignments, the videos of online classes and the tasks assigned during those classes. All of that data is stored in the cloud (Amie-Ogan, and Tagbo, 2021). This data is then accessible to the students, the teachers and the management of the organisation. Through the cloud, they can also keep track of students’ test results and the classes in which they have participated. And the teacher can prepare the material and upload it to the cloud which they can share later with the students. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) has boundless possibilities in the education system. These technologies give students an immersive experience in learning. VR and AR tech will grow the engagement and motivation of students through enhancement of the education. As the cost of VR headsets is coming down, schools will be able to buy them and corporate them into their regular curriculum. 


Education Technology is being used in schools as well as at home. Ryobi Robot is an AI-powered robot. It pairs itself with mobile apps to make personalised lessons for children. The EdTech rise also means the teacher will also have to spend more time managing these robots. Symphony Class is an AI hub by EdTech. It’s a digital assistant which is designed to facilitate the classroom. It permits teachers to use voice commands which helps in controlling a variety of hardware and apps. Laptops, browsers, digital displays and even apps such as Google Drive, all of these are controllable by voice. 


We know that animation is associated with cartoons. But its potential doesn’t end there. The animation used in education will give unexceptional benefits. Using animation with good storytelling will create stimulating scenarios. The animation will create engaging and knowledge-retaining content which will help children in learning. The animation uses pictures, motion and sound which retain the student’s attention in it. Since the brain reacts to visual stimuli stronger than text.  These videos will help students remember what they have learned in the long run. As the knowledge will be connected to the images. The animation video is accessible at any time with any kind of device. 

Within just two years the pandemic has changed the core of digital transformation, from huge corporations to small businesses. If all of these technologies were implemented before then students didn’t have to face the loss of study time that they had to during the pandemic. All of these technologies were exercised after the pandemic struck due to which everyone had to face difficulties. Along with the parents as they also have to deal with the problem their children were facing. As the adaptive technology will continue to grow and improve. The utilisation of technology will grow in the future. 


Technology is penetrated deep into each individual’s life. It’s difficult to live life without it. The students were in desperate need of technologies such as communication software, online classes, online examinations, AI, VR, AR, Machine Learning, Cloud storage, and EdTech.

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