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Who was Felipe Arriaga , Biography , Cause of Death

Who was Felipe Arriaga , Biography , Cause of Death

People are interested in finding out What Was Felipe Arriaga’s Cause Of Death, which has led to a recent increase in the number of internet searches for Felipe Arriaga’s obituary and a considerable increase in the volume of recent Felipe Arriaga obituary searches.

know about Felipe Arriaga’s obituary and want to obtain a true update as Felipe Arriaga’s death is now widely spreading and people are concerned to know about Felipe Arriaga’s obituary. Having stated that, let’s carry out some further research into the facts and information surrounding Felipe Arriaga’s obituary.

Who was Felipe Arriaga , Biography , Cause of Death
Who was Felipe Arriaga , Biography , Cause of Death

Mexican musician and actor Felipe Arriaga (Born- September 27, 1937) José Luis Aguilar Oseguera was born in 1937 in the Mexican town of Rancho El Pitayo, in the state of Michoacán. According to Europe News,he died on November 3, 1988.

He was Don Gerardo and Doa Meche Aguilar’s tenth child. The couple’s son Gerardo and daughter Tonantzin survive him, as does his wife Modesta Uribe Ramos.


Felipe Arriaga, formerly known as José Luis Aguilar, attended the public elementary school Melchor Ocampo in Cotija, Michoacán, until his second grade. Due to the Aguilar family’s financial difficulties, Felipe dropped out of school to train as a shoemaker’s apprentice.

According to RG News Blogs the Aguilar family moved to Mexico City in 1953, when Felipe, at 16 years old, joined his father Don Gerardo’s mariachi band, Mariachi Aguilar.

With Felipe at the helm of Mariachi Aguilar by 1967, he recruits a young guy from Jalisco to be the group’s main singer. Years later, this young guy, Vicente Fernandez, would become the most famous performer of ranchera music.

Vicente has never forgotten the chance that Felipe provided him when he moved to Mexico City to pursue his ambitions, and he has been an integral part of Felipe’s success over the years.

Sadly, in 1988, outside his home in Mexico City, Felipe Arriaga was murdered in a mysterious manner. This was at the height of his career, when he had released multiple full-length albums and hit singles like “Pelea de Perros,” “Fina Estampa,” and “Corazón Corazoncito” and had starred in over 20 films.

Among his many notable cinema roles, his work in Un Cura de Locura and Entre Monjas Anda el Diablo stands out. His most famous songs are “Me Ca de la Nube,” “Corazón Apasionado,” “Juan Colorado,” “Corazón Corazoncito,” “El adiós del Soldado,” “Pelea de Perros,” and “Bajo el Cielo de Morelia.”

When did Felipe Arriaga die, and Facts about his cause of death

It remains a mystery to us what caused Felipe Arriaga’s death. Since Felipe Arriaga’s family is not yet in the appropriate frame of mind to discuss his passing, we should not put too much stock in the information they may provide at this time.

To the Felipe Arriaga family, we send our deepest condolences on the loss of their loved one; may your time of grieving and anguish be over soon.

We promise to keep you informed of any new information on Felipe Arriaga’s passing as it becomes available. Let us hope that the strength of Felipe Arriaga’s loved ones may increase as they deal with his passing.

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