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Top 8 Footwear Brands in India

For all the times you intended to spend money on a quality pair of shoes but ended up buying ones that only lasted a few weeks. For those moments when a powerful kick caused your soccer shoes to fly off the ground or rip apart. Footwear has been a part of our lives for many years, from childhood to adulthood and old age, right up until the time when you simply had to replace those favorite pairs of shoes because your feet started to smell differently or that time when you never wanted your feet to outgrow those squeaky toy-printed shoes. We all have access to a wide variety of footwear around the world. But don’t we all only purchase the greatest goods available? Check out these top Indian footwear manufacturers if you’re looking to get a companion for your feet soon.

Online Footwear Stores in India for 2022

  1. Firky Fashion 

Firky Fashion is a one-stop shop for all your footwear necessities. Their shoes beat every other brand as they’re classic, comfy, and will go with all your outfits. Browse their website for an up-to-date sneaker style with their crisp shoe collection. You can find a variety of designer shoes for women and men at a very affordable price. 

White-Pink High Sole Shoes
White-Pink High Sole Shoes
  1. Metro

The history of this well-known brand of shoes began in 1947 in Mumbai. Today, Metro has established a reputation for itself in India’s footwear market. This company creates shoes of unmatched quality that are distinctive in their own right. There are several different collections available at Metro.

  1. Woodland

The best footwear in town is found in Woodland. Fantastic casual and formal shoes are offered by this international fashion label for men, women, and children. Because of the product’s strength, toughness, comfort, and style, as well as its ability to withstand all types of weather and terrain, many customers favor purchasing from this brand.

  1. Mochi

The Mochi brand specializes in selling the newest, most fashionable footwear. They bring in a distinctive selection of collections when it comes to fashion, and you can’t resist them. Mochi provides everything from heels to ballerina shoes to sandals to slippers to pretty much anything fashionable. They use trained craftsmen who are aware of the requirements of human feet to create their footwear.

  1. Skechers

Although brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Reebok are well-known in the sports footwear business, Skechers is the best option for comfort, toughness, and versatility. This shoe company offers you a wide selection of collections that you will fall in love with right away. Choosing one among the numerous is challenging. Skechers has recently made it to the list of the top shoe companies in India, and the company intends to remain there for an extended period of time.

  1. Inc.5

Inc.5 is the best site to exchange your money if you’ve ever wished to purchase some nice formal shoes. The top formal shoe brands are available at reasonable prices from this footwear retailer. You can choose from a variety of trendy designs and shop according to your budget. Inc.5 is the way to go if you want to rock the shoe game in your office.

  1. Sparx

Sparx is an alternative if expensive athletic shoe companies like Nike, Puma, etc. are out of your price range. All Sparx shoes are produced by the Indian footwear company Relaxo and meet the country’s basic need for high-caliber goods at reasonable prices. You can find anything here, from athletic shoes to everyday footwear to party shoes.

  1. Red Chief

If you don’t like Woodland, you can go for Red Chief.  Red Chief leather shoes are functional anywhere, whether on a hike or at a gathering. Since they are all made of the highest quality leather, even the most extreme situations won’t shorten their lifespan. What more could a pair of sneakers possibly provide? And speaking of costs, where else can you get good-quality leather shoes at a lower cost range? So choose Red Chief and follow your feet wherever they go. 


These were the top 8 footwear brands in India that provide the best quality men’s and women’s shoes at the best prices.  

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