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The Benefits of Listening to Podcasts and Which Ones Students Should Follow

According to our experts, there are countless ways for students to spend their free time. After all, the world is full of entertaining, educational, and beneficial hobbies they can enjoy. For instance, students can watch sports, documentaries, and movies. Or they can also enjoy playing video games. But one problem arises when they need to focus on things outside their education.

Most of them don’t have enough time!

Unfortunately, students have too much work to complete, like assignments, essays, exams, and homework. As a result, it can be very hard to enjoy any hobbies.

Fortunately, there is one currently growing in popularity that can benefit almost every student in the world. And you don’t even need to expend a great deal of mental energy to enjoy it. Instead, you can let it play in the background while you’re working, traveling, or exercising. I’m talking about podcasts, of course.

Today, I’ll share why podcasts are the best hobby for students to score good grades. And I’ll tell you which ones you can tune into while you finish your semester. So, let’s jump into podcasts. But first, our essay writing services’ experts will answer the most obvious question.

What Is a Podcast?

In the past, all people had was radio and talk shows. Today, we have podcasts. They’re similar but different from traditional radio. This is because podcasts are audio shows broadcast over the internet. They usually focus on specific topics like sports, politics, education, and more. And they’re accessible through laptops, desktops, and cell phones on various streaming platforms like Spotify or YouTube.

People subscribe to the shows they like to follow them. This way, they get notifications and updates about new episodes and guests. Podcasts can also differ in their format. For example, they don’t have restrictions on the duration or the date and time they air. And they can cover any topic under the sun.

That’s why I believe they’re great for students in college and university. But let’s explore some of the benefits in more detail to help you see why they’re so good.

The Benefits of Podcasts

There are several benefits students can enjoy while listening to podcasts. Check the list below and learn more about how you can use them to score good grades.

1) Easily Accessible

The first benefit of podcasts has to do with their accessibility. After all, you can listen to them on any device that connects to the internet. That means they’re always available no matter what situation you find yourself in. For example, you may find yourself on a bus to school. Or maybe you’re sitting at the library computer. You could even have an Alexa at home.

Despite how different each of these situations seems, you can easily connect to a podcast thanks to the internet. For instance, you can listen to a podcast on your phone while taking the bus. You can plug in some headphones at the library. And your Alexa can just play the podcast for you.

So, listen to podcasts if you’re looking for something that’s easy to jump into.

2) Allow You to Multitask During Chores

Another benefit of listening to podcasts is the ability to multitask. That’s right! Because podcasts are mainly audio-centric, it means students can plug in their earphones and listen while they handle other tasks. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should always multitask. After all, it does have some problems. But it is a good solution while you handle more mundane tasks. For example, making breakfast, traveling, and exercising.

This option to multitask automatically puts listening to podcasts higher up on the list of hobbies. After all, what other fun tasks let you get more things done? You can’t watch movies or play games while doing chores. Those are just distractions.

So, listen to podcasts if you need something to enjoy while you multitask.

3) Offer Free Education

Most podcasts cover interesting topics that can help students learn more about the world. But they also bring on the best experts too. For instance, you may see people like Elon Musk talk about space. As a result, the shows become educational, which is great for students willing to explore and learn about various topics. However, you can even find professionals from your field.

So, imagine sitting down and listening to the insights of the most qualified people. They’ll teach you how different industries work. Thus, helping you prepare for your future and career.

So, listen to podcasts if you’re looking to learn more from experts.

4) Improve Listening Skills

Another great benefit of podcasts is how they train you to be a better listener. After all, the whole point is to spend your time listening to people talk while studying the information they speak about. As a result, students who regularly listen to podcasts automatically improve their listening and attention skills. Thus, allowing them to track information more accurately.

This entry also has the added benefit of making you more attentive in your classes and lectures. So, you can keep track of what your teachers say, make notes, multitask, and learn all at the same time.

So, perhaps you can try listening to podcasts if you have weak listening skills.

What Podcast Should Students Watch?

There are countless podcasts out there that are great for students. For example, the Lex Fridman Podcast and The Daily cover every topic under the sun from a scientific or news perspective. However, I believe the best podcast for higher education students is none other than The Joe Rogan Experience.

The JRE podcast is perhaps one of the most informative podcasts in the world that’s in a casual setting. And it hosts some of the most famous and popular people. For example, you can find experts like Elon Musk, Mike Tyson, Jack Dorsey, and more. As a result, it’s the best place to learn about and stay ahead of trending topics and news.

It also focuses on self-improvement and the benefits of exercise, as Joe Rogan is a former MMA fighter. But it takes a light-hearted approach thanks to his background in comedy.

So, if you’re looking for an interesting show to catch, try listening to the Joe Rogan Experience! It’s available on Spotify. However, you can catch older episodes and clips on YouTube.

Other Podcasts to Follow

  • Tim cast IRL – An Informative News Show with Popular Host Tim Pool
  • Star Talk Radio – A Scientific Show with the Famous Neil Degrasse Tyson
  • The Jordan B Peterson Podcast – A Show about Modern Politics with a Philosophical and Psychological Expert

Go Out There and Listen to More Podcasts

Now you know the benefits of podcasts. So, what’s stopping you from subscribing to one that interests you? After all, they do so much for young minds. You improve your listening skills, learn to multitask, get free education, and can even access them anywhere. That’s why I recommend them as the best hobby for students. However, if you’re not sure you have enough time for podcasts, that’s okay!

There is one way you can free up enough to relax and listen. Just use our cheap essay-writing service! We’ll handle the academic stress so you can learn more while you listen. That way, you’ll always get good grades and grow smarter.

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Emily Harrington is a writer and artist working with many educational institutions to teach students the benefits of media education. That’s why she covers several trending topics like podcasts. She wants to change the way we educate ourselves. So, read more of her work on our website and find out her techniques to grow smarter.

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