Learn How to Disable Excel VBA Project Password With Easiest Solutions

Here, we’ll go through many techniques for erasing passwords from Excel VBA projects. You’ll discover how to disable Excel VBA project password in this article. We also covered how to utilize VBA code to bypass a hex editor and crack an Excel password. Therefore, let’s begin.

If you’ve ever forgotten the password of an Excel document that you worked on, you understand the frustration all too well.

On an Excel spreadsheet, users could disable Excel VBA project password. Additionally, they ask how to unlock the Excel VBA password. But are you absolutely sure you understand what the VBA password is?

There’s no need to worry; we’ll explain what an Excel VBA password is and how to decipher it in great detail.

Visual Basic Apps, or programs (VBA) It is used to build functions and automate basic processes in a number of Microsoft programs, most notably Excel sheets. Because of this, most users of VBA utilize a password to access it. It’s possible to forget your VBA password, of course.

As a result, you are unable to see or modify your Excel VBA macros. The mayhem will end once the VBA password is removed from the Excel spreadsheet. There appears to be a variety of possibilities, which is advantageous. We’ll demonstrate the best methods to disable Excel VBA project password in this article.

You can see a sample of client inquiries that ask for our assistance in removing the protection from an Excel sheet that was produced as part of a secured VBA project below.

User Query;

“Hello, As a manager in an IT company, I oversee a wide range of activities and tasks. The company has lost a lot of staff in the last several months. There are also a number of helpful Excel worksheets available. I had trouble opening the file the day before yesterday. The VBA password protects them, though. I have exhausted all of my resources trying to access my Excel VBA project; if anybody has any suggestions on how I may be able to do so successfully, I would really appreciate hearing them. Keeping track of my professional details manually makes me anxious.”

Method 1: Delete Password Protection from Excel VBA Project by Manually

  1. Get rid of the .xlsm extension and replace it with .zip for the VBA project.
  2. Double-clicking a .zip or.rar archive file will extract all of its contents.
  3. Next, access the xl folder in your computer’s file structure.
  4. The next step is to use Hex Editor to examine the project you just saved as VBAProject.bin.
  5. Open the file with the Hex Editor, find “DPB,” and replace it with “DPx.” Save the file.
  6. Here is a new VBAProject.bin file to use in lieu of the previous one.
  7. Similarly, append .xlsm to the end of the archive’s filename.
  8. To access Visual Basic in Excel, go to the “Tools” menu and then “VBAProject Properties.”
  9. Select “Protection,” then enter the new password, and finally save the *.xlsm file.
  10. There is now a decryption tool available for users to quickly decipher VBA passwords in Excel.

Demerits of Manual Solutions

  • Removing passwords from Excel VBA modules in this way is a time-consuming hassle and is not advised. We can now break passwords for specific projects without requiring access to the master password. For this reason, breaking a big set of VBA code passwords in Excel workbooks is a laborious task.
  • Excel VBA projects that use passwords might be especially difficult to breach for those without technical expertise. Several methods and formulas are available for usage.
  • Excel VBA passwords are unlockable by hand, albeit this is not a failsafe approach. Unfortunately, it was discovered that clients had lost data in certain instances.

Method 2: Disable Excel VBA Project Password by Using Automatic Software

4n6 VBA Password Remover Tool makes it simple to disable Excel VBA project password. With the program’s aid, you may recover lost or forgotten Excel VBA passwords, since it uses very advanced algorithms to do so. It’s difficult to do without the application’s fantastic features, such as its compatibility with all Excel file extensions. To easily access several Excel files, users may unlock them all at once.

Note: If you want to know more about this automatic solution and this topic, so click on the mentions link: Unprotect Excel VBA Password

How to Use Disable Excel VBA Password Software?

  1. Go to the site’s official webpage, download the executable, and execute it.
  2. Next, choose the open button, and then upload the Excel file using the picked folder or choose file options.
  3. Next, choose either “Remove password” or “Change password” from the Action menu.
  4. After selecting the preferred save place using the browse option, click the save button.
    disable Excel VBA project password


If you need to remove a password from your Excel VBA project, the VBA Password Remover Tool is the best option. Excel’s robust and intricate algorithms make it possible to disable Excel VBA project password with relative ease. For instance, unlike manual approaches, the application is compatible with all Excel file versions. Unlocking many Excel documents at once is a breeze.

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