Korean Makeup Looks That Will Encourage You To Break Away From The Basic!

In terms of fashions in beauty We can always count on the Koreans to offer us their top

In terms of fashions in beauty We can always count on the Koreans to offer us their top. No matter how they approach skincare or how they shine the spotlight on specific cosmetics, Korean eye makeup step by step or methodsthey are able to crack the code of beauty. In recent years, Korean makeup looks in particular are now the trend of the beauty industry. It’s all due to K-drama and K-pop influences that their culture have on the other countries. In terms of Korean makeup it’s all about being a bit delicate. It’s also important to take care of your skin. Scroll down for eight Korean makeup looks that you will be inspired by this season.

Korean Makeup Looks


It’s all about exploring Korean makeup styles without appearing excessive and you’re likely to discover these items within your kit of makeup. Korean makeup is about being younger, fresh and healthy. This means using less. Take a look at these eight Korean makeup looks to assist you in achieving that look.


Bright, but not too bold.


This Korean makeup style requires the dewy, dumpling glow. Choose products for your face that give a radiant look for your complexion. You can apply a vibrant shade to your lips, and use a blush with a color on your skin. It is possible to apply the blush over your eyes as well, to create a more dramatic look.


How to Make Your Korean Makeup Look


First Step – Apply Foundation


After applying base coat to create your foundation be sure to opt for a foundation that has an emollient finish. Apply it evenly to your neck and facemake sure the coverage is moderate, not flawless and airbrushed. Make sure to finish your base with a fixative powder to hold your makeup in the right place.


Step 2 – Dab Some Blush


Make use of a fluffy makeup brush to apply the blush to create a deep, pink. Spread the blush across your cheeks’ apples up to your lids. The product should be pressed in using your fingers.


Step 3 – Apply With A Lipstick


Apply a vibrant shade of lipstick! Because it’s an extremely bright shade it is possible apply a lip liner using an eyeliner prior to applying a lipstick product. Get your lips puffed up and pout!


Fresh Faced


A Korean makeup style that is wearable every day is this glam-fresh look. The style is based on neutral colours as well as a matte base to create a matchy-matchy kind of look.


How to Make The Look


First Step – Apply Foundation


Choose a medium to light coverage foundation to achieve this style! Choose a matte finish over a dewy one this look. It’s also possible to apply a tiny amount of compact powder on your face to give it a kind of matte feel. If you don’t wish to appear too perfect you can apply a concealer to cover the imperfections.


Step 2. Apply Eyeshadow


You can opt for a dull peach-colored eyeshadow to achieve this style. Apply it to the upper eyelids and also to the lower eyelash line. Make use of a smudger brush smooth the look and achieve the look you want to achieve.


Step 3. Eyeliner


Beautiful and precise is the look you must aim forin this style. Make use of an eyeliner or kajal pencil to draw a clean line across your upper eyelid. There’s no drama or wings, no cat eyes simply a plain regular line.


A Little Stain


This Korean makeup style keeps things simple, while adding some colour through the lips. All you need is decent eyeliner, a touch of highlighter and plenty of lip products.


How to Design The Look


Step 1: Apply An Eyeliner


Apply a liquid eyeliner make a smooth and precise line on the upper part of your lash line. It is best to opt to a more innocent puppy-eye type of appearance, as opposed to the dramatic cat-eye. Consider the eye makeup products that will assist you in getting there. Make sure to stop at the end of your eyes — do not overdo it. OTT in this case.


Step 2 – Dab Some Highlighter


With a soft brush, apply a small amount of highlighter to the highest points in your facial. Make sure to focus on your cheekbones and that bridge on your nose. It is also possible to apply a little bronzer to create that goddess glow.


The time has come to shine with this blusher duo! It’s got a blendable texture that is light and soft on your skin. It provides an airbrushed, flawless look. The shimmer highlighter and matte blush are extremely pigmented and smooth to apply.


Step 3: Apply A Lipstick


Make use of a lip brush to apply your lipstick or gloss. Begin by applying it to the middle of your pout . Then, you can apply the color towards the outside of your lips. Create an ombre effect. You could even apply a lip gloss, but make sure that the gloss’s shine is glossy or satin!




Combine your eyes and lips to create this trendy Korean cosmetic look. To enhance the look create an ombre look using the lipstick color.


How to create the look


Step 1: Apply an Eyeshadow


Apply a tiny amount of blusher to make a lovely look on your eyes. You can add a hint of gold eyeshadow on the edges of your eye. Blend it in with your ring fingers or a blender brush, to give a smooth smokey effect. Make use of an eye pencil that can be used for a lip pencil for those who want to stay on the same track with the trend.


Step 2 – It’s All About the Eyes and Brows


Make a precise and fine line along the lower lash line. The wing can be extended out for an edgy effect. Apply a product for your eyebrows for your brows to cover the bald spots and give an even more defined appearance. Apply mascara on your eyelashes to give them an extra lift!


Step 3 – Dab A Little Lip Tint


Apply a small amount of lip tint with a similar shade to the color of your eyeshadow. Place a tiny amount of product in the middle of your lips and apply it (so you can see it appearing lighter) towards the lip line.


Nude Reality


Imagine your skin but more beautiful! This Korean makeup style is perfect for women who want to give their faces an extra lift but not very loud.


How to Make The Look


Step 1. Apply A Foundation


Use a foundation that has a medium coverage over your neck and face and blend it well. Set the foundation with a powder that will hold the foundation in position.


Step 2 Smoke Your Eyeshadow


Use an eyeshadow pencil draw lines around your eyes. Then smoke it to smooth any sharp lines. Repeat this process for your lower line of lashes.


Step 3. Lip Gloss


Choose a transparent lip gloss to make your selection for a lip gloss. Apply it to your lips, then pout and smile!


Lash Lovin’


Make sure you focus on your eyes for this Korean makeup style! Make it more attractive with lipstick and blush.


How to Design The Look


Step 1 – Eyeshadow


Make a loose eye sparkle shadow and rub it onto the lid. It must appear like a light-colored base, with lots of sparkle.


Step 2. Go For The Eyes


Apply a thin liquid eyeliner to your eyes, to your eyelashes. Apply it to your lower lash line , too. Make sure that your eyelashes are thick and long.


Step 3 – Add A Matte Lipstick


Apply a matte lipstick on your lips. Make use of a lip liner outline your lips , which will assist you in guiding the application of your lipstick, particularly when you’re using liquid formula.



Brown Beauty


How Do I Make This Style


Step 1 – Eyeshadow


Apply a copper and golden shade to your eyelids. Begin by applying the darker shade around the outer corners of your eyes. Then blend into the lighter hue toward those in the middle. You can add a little kajal towards last to provide your eyes with an extra lift.


Step 2 – Highlighter


Apply a highlighter in liquid form on the high points of your face to give your face a healthy glow. Apply it to your skin.


Step 3. Lip Gloss


Complete the look by applying a amount in lipglosses. You can choose an opaque one or opt for one that has an orange tint. Choose a formula without shimmer for this particular look.

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