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If you want to be stress free then do Vrikshasana daily

Vrikshasana means like a tree. By doing this asana, the figure of a person becomes like a tree. That is why it is called Vrikshasana. Not only does this asana benefit us physically, but by doing it, we also get mental peace. While Vrikshasana benefits various parts of our body on the one hand, on the other hand this posture also keeps away mental stress. It means to say that if you want mental peace, then do Vrikshasana. Know about it in detail.

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Benefits of this asana

There are innumerable benefits of Vrikshasana provided it is done according to the rules. Also, precautions should be taken. According to yoga experts, if Vrikshasana is done in the morning, then it benefits us. By doing this regularly, the shapely body becomes shapely. Those who are suffering from knee pain, by doing Vrikshasana, they get relief from knee pain. This asana is especially beneficial for those people who have to do a lot of walking work. For example, if you are a salesperson or work in a courier company, then definitely do this asana. One reason for this is that Vrikshasana strengthens our feet.

In this, the beauty of Vrikshasana does not end. Regular practice of Vrikshasana increases our concentration power. Concentration ability which is a sign of improving our memory. Needless to say how important a good memory is in the present times for a better career, better relationships, etc. Only men should do this asana, it is not necessary. Women and children of the house should also participate in this asana.

Vrikshasana makes the legs strong. At the same time, it develops the nervous system and provides stability to the feet. It removes the extra fat stored around the waist and hips. This means that if you are overweight, that is, you are obese, then this asana can especially benefit you. After reducing fat, this asana does not weaken the body, but strengthens it. If you are troubled by your growing belly, then definitely do this asana.

How to do this asana

Stand in a careful posture. Now stand by keeping some distance between both the feet. Then raise the hands above the head, straighten the palms and join them. Now bend the right leg and rest its soles on the left thigh. Keeping the balance on the left foot, the palms, head and shoulders should be in the same line. Stay like this for as long as possible. After some time, repeat this with the other leg as well.

Take care

Always keep in mind that before doing asanas, you must take the opinion of an expert. If you are doing Vrikshasana yourself then you may have to be extra careful. One reason for this is that if you do not do Vrikshasana properly, then it may be that the asana may have negative effects instead of positive effects. Always take care of it according to the rules, timing and right way.

In fact, Vrikshasana is beneficial for everyone. But it is necessary to know who should keep distance from Vrikshasana. If you have any complaint related to sleep or have insomnia, then do not do this asana. Headache is also a solid reason not to do it. This asana will fill people with tension instead of relieving them of regular headaches. Patients with blood pressure should also not do Vrikshasana.

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