How To Use CBD Oil For Hair Loss & Hair Growth

Hair loss is one of the most common issues that we hate to experience. There are many reasons why it may happen but one thing is for sure nobody, young or old, wants to lose their treasured hair. And for girls, it’s not less than a nightmare. Isn’t that so? 

CBD oil is derived from the Hemp plant and is thought to have a variety of medical benefits, including relaxation and relieving muscle pain. Then a question arises if CBD can be used for a variety of issues including pain, anxiety, and insomnia, then can it be used as an effective treatment for hair loss? Predicting the answer ourselves is not the right way, so let us pave in and know more about it:

Benefits of using CBD oil on hair.

Buy cbd oil  which could help your hair in some ways like:

  • CBD Oil aids in the maintenance of hair shaft thickness (the part you can see above the scalp)
  • Moisturises your hair to keep it looking bright and healthy, which helps to support hair density.
  • Hair density can be increased.
  • Bringing damaged hair back to life.

As stress is a common cause of hair loss and since CBD reduces daily stressors, it may have an impact on hair follicle renewal. CBD also aids in better sleep and anxiety reduction, both of which we know may have an effect on hair growth. So, whether directly or indirectly its effects on hair growth may be seen.

Q:Are there studies in favour?

A:According to research, CBD-rich hemp extracts combined with carrier oils may boost hair growth over time. Also, People who administered CBD oil topically to their hair and scalp for six months observed successful regeneration, according to a study published in 2021. However, the results were more promising in men than in women.

Q:How can I apply CBD oil on hair? 

A:You can use CBD oil directly on your scalp if you decide to try it for hair loss.

It’s okay to combine it with your shampoo or conditioner, but it won’t be as effective. The study from 2021 only looked at CBD’s efficacy when administered straight to the scalp, not when it was diluted.

According to new research, the benefits of CBD on hair regeneration are dose-dependent. However, because little study has been done on the subject, results may vary based on the individual, the reason for hair loss, age, gender, and other factors.  An average of 3 to 4 mg of for 6 months enhanced hair growth by 93.5 percent in the same 2021 study.

Q:How to choose the best CBD oil?

A:If you’re planning to  buy cbd oil online india to treat your hair, make sure to check these factors to ensure a safe purchase:

  • Extracted cannabinoids from hemp in the product, safer processes such as carbon dioxide and cold-press extraction are used.
  • CBD oil should contain no more than 0.03 percent THC.
  • Double-check the product ingredients to ensure that it doesn’t contain any substance that your skin is allergic to.
  • Hemp plants utilised are from the best Indoor Hemp farms with a certificate of analysis ensuring third-party testing.

Q:How do I get the best effects of CBD oil? 

A:To get the best of using CBD oil, depending on your hair type, you can use the following methods:

  • For dry and curly hairs: Use the oil as a leave-in moisturiser on a daily basis. To strengthen and moisturise your hair, apply a small amount of this oil from the midshaft (the middle of your strands) to the ends.
  • For straight hairs: Use CBD oil as a hot oil therapy.
  • For oily or dry scalp: Apply CBD oil to your scalp overnight, then shampoo the next morning. 


To get the maximum benefits, you must choose high-quality online shops that offer CBD-based items created from organically grown hemp, suit your needs, and are cost-effective in the CBD product market. 

Hempstrol is one such brand that provides high-quality items that can meet all of your needs. Hempstrol hair root health oil contains amino acids that help to balance the scalp and reduce sebum production. Third-party laboratories have certified Hempstrol, and previous customers have given it their approval. Additionally, before switching to any CBD product, make sure to read all of the contents and pick the best one.


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