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How To Make Great Product Descriptions for Amazon

Getting Your Amazon Products In Front of the Right Customers

The Amazon marketplace is home to tens of millions of products making it the largest retailer online.  How can sellers improve their product descriptions to get their products in front of their customers in a market of such tough competition?

By using SEO basics like keyword research, sellers can naturally boost their products to rank higher on Amazon’s searches by their customers.

Although it might sound like a complicated process, by following a few simple steps you can improve your Amazon product listings in no time. However, if you still feel as though you can’t handle the steps we lay out below, you can contact an Amazon marketing agency to help guide you through the process.

Choosing the Right Keywords

Research Your Industry’s Keywords

Do research on product listings within your industry to get an idea of how your competition is listing their products or products that are highly wished for or gifted. Look at any keywords in titles or descriptions that you can use in your own listings.

Try Different Keyword Variations

The more variations you use in your product content the better chance you have of showing up in search results.  Take basic keywords and think of different words and phrases customers would use to search for those products.

Keep Your Keyword List Updated

Keyword marketing is not a one-and-done kind of effort.  Regularly check back and make sure you are getting the results you want from the keywords you are using.  If you find you aren’t, take another look around and see which keywords and phrases you can improve. An Amazon marketing consultant is an experienced marketer that can help you with this kind of research if you are struggling.

Optimized Your Product Description 

Focus on Product Benefits

Show your customers the benefits they will get from using your products and how it will help them achieve their goals.  They need to see clearly what they are going to get out of purchasing your product.

Unsure of how to turn a product feature into a product benefit? Start by listing out the features of your product that are important.  Next, create a list of your target market’s needs.  Finally, compare the two.  Which features will solve a need your customers have? 

Keep It Short

Consumers have very short attention spans and you only have a brief window to get their attention.  Keep your product descriptions short and concise so people can easily scan for the answers they need before purchasing.

While you want to get as many keywords into your product title as possible, it’s good practice to not have more than 200 characters in your titles. Keep it short with only the relevant keywords for the Amazon algorithm, but also clear so customers understand what the product actually is.

Use Bullet Points for Longer Text

Bullet points improve readability and help customers when they are quickly reviewing a product description. Break up bulky text into easy-to-digest bullet points that show why customers should pick your product over the competition.

Don’t Forget the Photos

One thing that can get easily overlooked in the whole product description process is the images that need to accompany your text.  Professional-looking photos are essential for standing out among all the other products.  Better photos will also help you rank higher in search results and in turn drive more sales.

Final Thoughts

The secret to online success, especially with marketplaces like Amazon, is strong SEO strategies.  Better SEO means more eyes on your products, more sales, and higher rankings furthering the selling cycle.  

You don’t have to do it alone either. You can pick an Amazon marketing agency or specialized Amazon marketing consultant to help guide you and turn your listings into the perfect optimized descriptions for Amazon.

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