Best SEO Practices for Online Market Places 

As a result of the challenging circumstances in which we find ourselves, it is essential for us to ensure that we have a solid understanding of the best SEO services India applicable to online marketplaces and e-commerce. This is due to the fact that now that individuals aren’t interested in leaving their homes, a significant number of them have switched to shopping online for the numerous goods they require. This indicates that search engine optimization is going to become even more crucial. The following are some of the most helpful hints that you are going to require learning in order to put them into practise for your online store.

Top Marketplace and Ecommerce SEO Tips

You might not give it much thought; but if you run an online store and don’t have search engine optimization (SEO) done; you need to start doing it right away. If you don’t offer this service; then you are turning away a significant portion of customers who have transitioned to doing all of their purchasing online. The following is a list of the most important search engine optimization advice that you need to make sure you are implementing into your website:

  • Site structure – Your store’s structure should serve as the basis of your online business, and you should take steps to ensure that it is built correctly. This involves making sure that each page loads quickly and that the images and information are of a satisfactory quality. In addition to this, you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly; that it displays properly on all different kinds of devices.
  • Meta descriptions – The meta descriptions are essential since they are what bring up a product when a particular keyword is searched for. You need to make certain that you are just using the very finest ones; ones that are descriptive, ones that are gripping, and ones that make use of the appropriate keywords.
  • User and Google friendly URL – Be sure that your website’s URLs are not just nice to Google but also user-friendly, as this is an additional factor that you should take into consideration. Consider employing URLs that are less in length rather than those that are larger; as well as ones that make sense and point to the appropriate categories.
  • Category based navigation – When you are working with an online store, you also need to give some thought to how to navigate the site. If you don’t make it simple for people to navigate the site; they won’t go to another website; thus this is a very important consideration to take into account. Consider utilising the numerous categories; as a means of navigation in order to make it simple for users to obtain the information they require.
  • Image compression – If you want your website to load quickly without sacrificing quality, you don’t have to reduce the resolution of your photographs. You may just compress the photos to make them smaller while maintaining their original quality. This will result in a significantly faster download time for the page.
  • Social integration – Through integration, you should also make it simple for users to post stuff that they are discovering to be helpful on the social media accounts that they have access to. This implies that you have the ability to develop buttons that enable users to quickly; and easily share the content on their page without requiring them to copy and paste the information.
  • Live chat – In addition to this, you need to think about adding a live chat in order to make it simpler for the clients to have the questions they have answered. This could be a computer program that can provide answers to basic inquiries; or it could be a real person who works in customer service; and is able to assist customers with any more serious problems they may be experiencing.
  • Internal links – You should also make sure that you are employing internal links; which can assist users in locating information that they may be seeking for on your website. Because you can link other items or pages to specific keywords; this is something that you shouldn’t be missing out on at any cost.
  • User experience – One of the primary things that you need to concentrate on is how the user will feel about their encounter. Be sure that the page loads quickly, that you are utilising high-quality photographs; and that the design is one that is going to be simple to read; won’t be taxing on the eyes.
  • Long tail keywords – You might believe that conducting keyword research or using keywords is a straightforward process, but you should really consider making use of some of the long tail keywords. This simply implies that you are utilising lengthier keywords  have more words as opposed to simple keywords; that just contain two or three phrases; which can also help you optimise your site for voice search..


These are a few of the most useful pieces of advice by Fella Technologies that you are going to need to make sure you are using to your e-commerce website right now in order to ensure that you obtain the customers and sales that you are looking for.


You should go ahead and begin using some of your internal links for various products on all of your pages; and you should also make sure that you are adding a live chat so that clients can get assistance. In addition, you should begin utilising some long-tail keywords; and ensure that you are providing the finest possible meta descriptions for your content to ensure; that it is easily retrieved. You should also give some thought to compressing the graphics to ensure that the page loads quickly; and that navigation is straightforward.

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