YouTube has played a vital role in the growth of many professionals and start-ups in this generation. With the increasing popularity of YouTube, it was only a matter of time before marketers started shifting their focus to YouTube channel promotions. As channel promotions become the new rage within the online marketing industry, the importance of having an eye-catching brand logo cannot be stressed enough. Many experts even claim that the first step is to create an engaging and compelling logo for your channel promotion campaign.

The YouTube Channel identity is the initial face of your brand. A logo is often the first thing a visitor will interact with, and it should properly promote the channel’s vision in a concise, clear, and innovative way. It’s very important to include the YouTube logo in your YouTube channel banner and also in the description box of your channel. Every single channel, new or old, should have a decent YouTube logo that adds value to its channel.

So here are a few steps to design an awesome YouTube logo for your channel-

1) Go for a Great Name

Selecting a proper name for your YouTube channel is no simple task, but it is essential. After all, if your audience can’t remember or pronounce your channel name, they won’t return to see what you’ve created next. Try using an online name generator tool to find a name that perfectly complements your channel and defines your goal.

2) Research and Taking Inspiration

Do proper research and go through all the famous and well-known logos shared on all the popular YouTube channels. While studying these logos, we can differentiate them into 5 separate categories:

  • Abstract logo
  • Figure logo
  • Pixel art logo
  • Cool text or combined logo with simple graphics and simple text

The aim of these logos is to get viewers’ uninterrupted attention and also to explain to them the definition of your YouTube channel.

P.S. An ideal logo size needs to be 800 px x 800 px.

3) Choose a Color

When it comes to picking a colour for the YouTube logo, it’s always been a difficult choice. There are so many colours that would look good with our identity and do justice to the brand you can opt for one colour option, for example, if your channel’s main link is blue, you can use a background of the YouTube logo that’s black and you place your link on the same colour in blue. To pick a colour that captures the essence of what you’re doing, read about the psychology of colours and think about the emotions you want your video content to evoke.

4) Choose a Font

Your choice of fonts will say more about your brand than any picture you can post. For your channel’s logo, for example, are you going to choose a trendy yet ugly font or a classic one? Make sure the font enhances your brand image. One of the most common mistakes that people make when creating a logo is choosing a font that doesn’t look good when shrunken down. This is a problem that especially appears when choosing an online font because the logo looks so small. To fix this, use two different fonts. One for the name and one for the tagline or copy.

5) Try to Keep it Simple

Good logos do one thing well: they communicate your business. So many logos out there are trying to do so much that they end up being terrible at communicating anything at all. This can be a shame because it makes small businesses with limited funds think that they have to create a logo as complicated and expensive as the big companies. So what makes a great logo? A good rule of thumb is this: keep it simple- Make sure you know the one main message you want to communicate to customers and simplify your design down to make it easy for them to understand.

There are two basic ways to craft a YouTube logo for your channel-

  • Hire a Professional: Hiring professionals to help you out with your YouTube channel logo design in the initial stages of setting up your channel is a wise move. Although outsourcing isn’t necessary, it helps to have a professional designer mock up a few ideas and give you some feedback on what works best. In that case, try reaching out to professionals available on online platforms like – Fiverr, Upwork, FreelanceBazar, DesingViva.
  • Create it yourself- Want to create a logo by yourself? There are so many creative tools that help you design your own logo. From a library of pictures and fonts to hundreds of clip art images to download and use, You only need to choose the proper tool and follow the step-by-step tutorial to draw a free logo online.

I hope these tips help you to get a great design for your YouTube channel.

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