Dating Norms In Teen And Use Of Line Spy Apps

My teen was recently too much into smart gadgets and I felt it immediately. He was not going for evening strolls with us and there was even a time when he just left saying he is going to meet a friend in the park leaving us alone. It was kind of frustrating for me so I discussed it with his father. I was mad but his mocking laugh made me look even stupid as well. I asked him what was all this about and he told me how it was so obvious that he has started dating or at least is involved romantically with someone.

Honestly, that was news for me. Our small boy is dating and I don’t know about it well that was the first of this kind. He has always shared everything with me and I was his cool mom, a partner in every new adventure but I guess dating was something he wanted to keep personal. I was not even sure if it was true but from what it looks like something was going on with him.

I knew all of his friends so the new person was not from them. His father thought that he may have been meeting this new person online. Well, that was frightening and dangerous I mean how can he be dating a person who he doesn’t know about and met online.

  • Pew Research states that 8% of teenagers have confessed that they have dated a person who they met online.

Social Media and Dating Norms:

In our time it was even difficult to search for the cute guy two days in a row on campus just to watch him from far away. It would take us weeks and months to just say Hi to them and if anyone did it was a big deal at that time. Now things are pretty much opposite for the young generation. They are saying Hi to tons of people at the same time just because social media and instant messenger chat apps work in that way. Moreover, you can not only say hi to them whenever you want but can share a personal image a cute or funny video, and much more within seconds.

You can even get acquainted with a person online and can be friends in real life as well. As frightening as it sounds for our generation it is simply a routine and piece of cake for today’s youth.

Thus to keep things a little less stressful and easy for parents advanced technology has introduced features like the Line spy app, Facebook spy app, Whatsapp spy app, and more for parents. You can simply install the app in your teen’s gadget and can know about their digital life and specifically dating style and happening.

Easy Access:

Easy access to anyone at any time has been made possible with social media platforms. And teenagers are utilizing it up to the best limit. One can send a text message or call anyone with the help of the line app. If your teen is slightly out of his character just like mine and strangely behaving like a movie hero then maybe it’s time to find out what are they up to with their digital lives. Use the line spy app to get into the instant messenger chat apps box and find out about the sender and content in detail.

Chances of Coverups or Lies:

Social media dating means more options of coverups or lies. Make sure your kid is not in bad company or getting used by anyone. Track such people and warn your kid right away to save them from possible hurting.

Media Sharing and Standards of Trust:

Sharing nude does not make you a good boy or girlfriend. Tech your teen with this basic lesson and don’t allow them to share sensitive content on a public platform.

Features like the TheOneSpy Line spy app are the need of an hour. You can’t just simply rely on teens these days. Practically 24/7 remote eye is what every parent needs in the world of social media. Visit and explore features like the Facebook spy app, Whatsapp , Viber, and Snapchat spy app.



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