How to draw Wood Log Step by Step

How to draw Wood Log Step by Step

How to draw Wood Log easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and kids.Also read Lotus Flower Drawing

Step 1

For this tutorial on how to start drawing a log, we’ll start with the base of the record and some smaller objects around it.

First, use a slightly curved line for the base of the log. You will probably want to draw this line freely, as we don’t want to make it a perfectly straight line.

Once you have drawn this base, we can add some small stones to touch the bottom. These stones can be removed as some simple circles near the right-hand edge.

Once we’ve drawn these bases and rocks, we can move on to the second step of the tutorial!

Step 2: Now, draw the end of the log and the shadow it is creating.

For the second step of this log drawing, we will add a border for the end of the log and a shadow for the catalog.

First, focus on the flat edge of the log. This will be where the record is cut, and it will have a roughly oval shape.

You can contour the left edge of this flat edge using a jagged line. This uneven line will show a slightly rough bark after cutting.

This edge of the log will also extend to the right into the inside of the record. Once this catalog edge has been drawn, finish using a circular path for the shadow below the log.

Step 3: Draw some more diary outlines.

We can add some more contours in this step of the log drawing tutorial.

This top edge will extend from just above the line you drew to the inside of the log in the previous step.

Reference images will show you what we mean! This line at the top of the log will also be slightly curved, as we don’t want the line to be completely straight.

Then finish with a serrated, curved line for the remaining edge of the log on the other side.

Step 4 – Next, draw some details for the flat edge of the log

You have completed the general outline of this diary drawing, and in this drawing, we will work on the flat edge where it is cut down.

When you see a felled tree, you will usually see some rings on the inside of the log, and we will also add those details to your flat edge.

Draw a bumpy spiral that extends to the flat edge to do this. Again, we don’t want the line to look too smooth, making it look less natural.

Then use another jagged line for the inner edge of this flat part. You can also extend this contour sharply into the log, making the outer bark look rougher and more natural.

Add some more line details to the other side of the log, and then we can continue to step 5!

Step 5: Add the final details to your diary drawing.

This part of our diary drawing tutorial will help you add details and final touches to finish it off before you color in your work.

In this step, the main thing we will focus on will be the texture details for the bark covering the log.

To do this, draw some slightly curved lines running along the inside of the log. Reference images will show you how you can make them look natural.

Once you’ve added these texture details, you can also add some extra additions! Will you paint the background to create the scene for this log?

Step 6: Finish your diary drawing in color.

Now you are ready to finish this diary drawing with some color! As you can imagine, we will be using a lot of brown shades for the log in our example image.

We used some darker shades for the log’s bark, and we incorporated some lighter shades for some of the texture.

Then for the interior of the log seen on the flat edge, we used some light brown.

These are the colors we chose, but you should feel free to use whatever paints and art mediums you want when you finish it!

Your diary drawing is done!

You’ve finished this tutorial on drawing a log, and you have a fantastic drawing to show it off!

Drawing something like this can be pretty complicated, so we hope that this tutorial has shown you everything you need to achieve the details and form of this object.

After that, remember that you can continue to draw by adding more details and fun ideas of your own!

We’ve already covered drawing the background, so what kind of setup would you choose if you were to design the ground?

When you want to make a new drawing, you can find more great tutorials on our website to enjoy. We’ve got a lot more coming soon, so stay tuned to make sure you never miss out on the fun!

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