How to Choose Custom Eyelash Boxes for your Business?

When looking to create your own eyelash box, there are several things to consider. You should check that they’re functional, durable, and easy to tear open. You also want to think about how much you’ll spend on them since you’ll likely need several. Read on to learn how to choose a custom eyelash box for yourself! There are a variety of options available, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs.


Custom eyelash boxes can help you build brand recognition. To create a successful box, choose a design that matches your company’s colors. Also, consider the durability of the box, which should be made from durable materials to prevent them from breaking or falling apart. These boxes are an essential part of successful packaging because they prevent your eyelashes from being damaged during shipping or handling. In addition, they are eco-friendly and can be used for resale purposes.

When selecting a material for your eyelash boxes, consider the thickness. Cardstock and cardboard are strong materials, but specialty papers are available for more delicate packaging. UV-resistant paper is especially protective. Finally, make sure to check the thickness of the paper. It should be thick enough to protect your eyelashes from scratches and creases. If it is not, choose another material. The durability of custom eyelash boxes is crucial for your brand.

Easy to tear open

Custom eyelash boxes with easy-to-tear-open ends are a great way to make your brand stand out. You can choose from two types of boxes: one with two trays, and one with three trays. The first type has a lid on the top, and the bottom has a cutout in the center that keeps the upper trays in place. The latter two types have three separate layers and are designed with small cutouts on the sides to hold the trays.

Paper custom eyelash boxes are inexpensive and can be made in different shapes. Choose from heart-shaped, butterfly, and triangle-shaped boxes. Some packaging companies even offer unique shapes, such as eyelashes and water drops. Plastic boxes are not as durable, so you may want to consider using them in combination with other materials. However, you will need to take into account the durability of each type of box. You should always test a product in a custom box before putting it on sale.


The eyelash box is an attractive packaging solution. These boxes are made from premium packaging stock and are durable and safe. Eyelash packaging is an excellent way to preserve eyelashes in their original form. Custom eyelash boxes are also highly protective, making them ideal for storing and protecting eyelashes. Listed below are some factors to consider when choosing eyelash packaging. If you want to increase the functionality of your eyelash packaging, consider these factors:

Add blister inserts to ensure your eyelashes are safe and secure. Blister inserts are available separately or in combinations with eyelash packaging. The combination of these two types of inserts is limited only by your imagination. Contact packaging specialists for more information. These boxes can be custom-made to hold a wide variety of eyelash types. You’ll be pleased with the final result! In addition to a sleek and stylish design, your custom eyelash packaging will be practical.


Have you considered the cost of custom eyelash boxes for your business? There are a number of factors you should consider. Some eyelash packaging is made of sturdy cardboard, while others are made of plastic. Cardboard and plastic are both fine options, though specialty papers are often more suitable for this type of packaging. These materials can be printed and laminated, and they can be designed to have a glossy or matte finish. The final cost will depend on the customization you require.

When choosing a material for your custom eyelash boxes, consider the size and shape. There are several standard shapes, such as a rectangle, water drop, eyebrow, and oval. Custom boxes are also available in various materials, including recyclable Kraft paperboard and rigid plastic. Many vendors offer custom window options and design elements, such as a logo. The final cost of custom eyelash boxes will depend on your needs and how many boxes you need.


If you are a cosmetics brand, branding your custom eyelash boxes is a must. They should reflect your high-quality standards. Make your boxes colorful and attractive with a splashy logo and social platform symbol. Add useful and educational information to make your packaging stand out. Printing Corner offers a variety of designs that can be customized for a custom eyelash box. Then, use your custom lash box to promote your brand in the eyes of customers.

Custom boxes with logo are available in many thicknesses and materials. Thick cardboard and recyclable Kraft are the most common materials used. You can also opt for environmentally-friendly materials like kraft paper. If you’re concerned about the environment, look for packaging that’s made with recycled materials. These eco-friendly packaging options can boost your sales. However, you’ll want to check out your budget before choosing a packaging option.

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