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How to Choose a Secure Monitoring Software?

Before choosing computer activity monitoring software, it is worth carefully examining the system functions that the solution uses to collect and record information about device usage.

The following paragraphs briefly explain how this works and give some recommendations for choosing secure monitoring software.

1. Make sure that the login username, not the password, is recorded

When an employee logs into a system (e.g., Windows, terminal session), the computer monitoring software records the username and password.

This information is used to determine who is using the computer. To intercept the username for login, the software uses special system functions.

The monitoring software also records the logon and logoff times to determine when the computer was used. When choosing secure monitoring software, make sure that passwords are not recorded or stored. To get a statistical overview of computer usage, it is sufficient to record user names.

For this reason, system passwords should not be intercepted when monitoring computers. This can lead to security and data protection problems. Passwords can be intercepted for administrative investigation or information theft purposes (spyware intercepts passwords to access personal data, bank accounts, etc.) Computer monitoring is not intended for investigative or intelligence purposes.

2. Be sure to capture applications in use, not screenshots

When a user runs multiple programs or software, the computer monitoring software captures the active applications and records them. This is done by using certain system functions. This technique allows for the collection of a large amount of data. In order to save memory space and system resources, the applications used are therefore recorded accurately (for example, every three minutes).

When choosing software to monitor your computer’s behavior, make sure that it does not record screenshots, document contents, e-mails or chats. If you know the names of these applications and documents, you can get an idea of how the device is used.

If you want to know how often employees press the keys on the keyboard, make sure that the monitoring software only records the number of keystrokes and not the exact keys they press.

You don’t want your content and passwords to be intercepted.

This can lead to security and data protection issues. Passwords and other sensitive information should be recorded to prevent them from being accessed or stolen by the public.

3. Ensure that websites visited, not passwords, are recorded

Computer monitoring software monitors Internet usage by recording website URLs and using special system features. This information is used to monitor how employees use their work time.

When employees access certain websites (for example, online banking, medical sites, and insurance sites), they may be prompted to enter a password. Ensure that passwords are not recorded and stored by the chosen monitoring software.

A record of the login name and website URL should be sufficient to obtain information about computer usage. As mentioned earlier, passwords are usually recorded for official investigation purposes in case of information theft.

4. Ensure secure storage of collected information

All information collected is stored in a database. This is to report and analyze the use of the computer.

It is a good idea to opt for computer tracking software that includes backups of the database.

Also, make sure that all data is password protected and encrypted.


Computer tracking software is the best way to track application usage, minimize unproductive web and social media visits, increase presence and save money on rarely used licenses. The technology provides the comprehensive information needed to evaluate the IT activities described above. Also, this allows you to assess the actual productivity of your employees, determine who is performing well and who is not, and focus on areas that need development. However, the technology used is important.

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Sarah Noah Liam is a 28-year-old Software Management person who enjoys programming, monitor employee computer activity, and screen recording. Further, she has a post-graduate degree in Computer science. She was raised in a happy family home with two loving parents.



Sarah Noah Liam is a 28-year-old Software Management person who enjoys programming, ems software, and screen recording. She has a post-graduate degree in Computer science. She was raised in a happy family home with two loving parents.

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