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How much does a patio or wooden plank cost to construct?

Do you want to greet the spring sun on your own balcony but aren’t sure if your budget will allow it? We go through the expenses of materials, labor, equipment, and other factors that influence the ultimate cost of constructing a patio or trædæk.

The cost of constructing a patio or wooden plank is determined by a variety of factors. Are you going to build it yourself or employ experts, what size terrace do you want, and what type of wood do you want to use? For less than SEK 7,000, you can create a 15 square meter patio yourself using pressure-impregnated decking and no alternatives.

Patio or wooden plank cost

wooden plank

If, on the other hand, you want to build bigger, hire craftsmen and lay hardwood decks, the final bill can land at more than SEK 100,000. But building a patio can also be profitable. A well-built terrace or beautiful  Kompositplanker can significantly increase the value of the money invested.

Cost of employing carpenters to create a timber deck or patio

Some construction businesses charge a flat fee, while others charge an hourly cost. Craftsmen earn around SEK 500 per hour on average. This indicates that a terrace that takes 100 hours to build will cost SEK 50,000, or SEK 35,000 if the ROT discount is taken into account. However, the cost varies substantially depending on where you live in the nation. You may get quotations and get an idea of the pricing for your specific patio once you know what sort of terrace you want to install.

When hiring a construction business, keep in mind that the price per square meter will be slightly cheaper the larger the structure is, and vice versa. A carpenter takes roughly the same amount of time to put up a two- or three-meter long rule, which implies that size has a minor impact on the final cost.

You’ll need the following tools to create your own patio or  wooden plank.

If you opt to build it yourself, you must factor in the cost of any tools you will require. There are no expensive or sophisticated tools necessary. It suffices for a basic terrace.

  • Spade
  • Joint tail
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tools (spirit level or cross laser).

Costs of materials for a patio or wooden deck

wooden plank

The trolley is the most important piece of equipment. The size of your  wooden plank and the materials you use will thus have a significant impact on the price. Pressure-impregnated decking is the cheapest and most frequent alternative. Different varieties of hardwood and heat-treated common wood are more costly choices. It takes 417 running meters of decking to cover a 50 square meter wooden deck with 12 cm broad planks. This translates to a cost difference of:

3600 mm pressure impregnated decking costs around SEK 10,000.

3000 mm Siberian larch – around 16,000 kronor

In addition to the cost of the deck, there are expenditures for

plinths (approx. SEK 1,000)

joists, posts and beam shoes for frame (approx. SEK 3,500)

screws and other consumption (approx. SEK 1,000).

The cost of substrate excavation

If digging alone is not enough to create a terrace, you may need to engage an excavation firm. The cost is mostly concerned with installing a machine, thus the smaller the area to be dug, the cheaper the price per square meter. Hourly prices vary substantially depending on the company and where you are in the nation. Requesting quotations from local businesses is the simplest approach to receive a price estimate. You may use the ROT deduction here as well.

Optional wooden balcony or terrace

There are a number of alternatives that will impact the cost of construction, in addition to the wooden deck or terrace itself. Roofs, railings, windbreaks, skirts, and staircases are examples of these. Many solutions need a more thorough foundation construction. If you can’t afford to build all of the alternatives right now, it’s still a good idea to construct a solid frame. You will be able to continue developing if you have accumulated enough money.

A hardwood deck or terrace adds to the value of your property.

Aside from the personal worth of the sunny nights you’ll spend on your terrace, there’s a good possibility you’ll make a profit on your patio building. A big, well-built terrace or a hardwood deck facing south may easily quadruple the value of your home. With this in mind, it may be worthwhile to invest additional time in hiring expertise and creating a robust structure that allows for the addition of more alternatives over time. Even if a personal loan is required, the additional fees might be a worthwhile investment in your property.

Get suggestions for the perfect malt.

So there are several options for lowering the cost of your patio or wooden deck. There are a variety of ways to build without having to save up for the full cost, for example, for those of you who do not want to sacrifice.


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