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All you Need To Know About Artificial Grass Accessories

Before you lay your artificial grass, you should first consider which accessories you’ll need. Listed below are some of the most important accessories for your new lawn: Infill, Shock pads, Weed membranes, and Seaming tapes. All of these accessories are vital in maintaining the new lawn. Having the right artificial grass accessories will keep your lawn looking beautiful for years to come. If you have a lawn with foliage, a leaf blower will come in handy.


Silica sand is one of the most common and inexpensive infill materials for artificial grass. This type of sand comes from quartz stones eroded by water and wind. It resists compaction and improves drainage. However, because it isn’t round, silica sand also tends to hold moisture, which may cause bacteria and mold to develop. Using silica sand in your turf will help keep the blades of artificial grass upright and prevent puddles from forming.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Sand is the most common infill for synthetic grass. It is comfortable and safe for children and pets, but can pack down if it gets wet. In addition, it can hold pet urine odor and will need replacing over time. Another popular infill is silica sand, which has a microbial coating that absorbs odors and is better for use as an infill for artificial grass. However, it isn’t always a good choice for children and pets.

Once your turf is installed, you’ll need to purchase an infill. Infill is the granular substance that sits between the blades of your turf. It prevents the turf from lying flat, prevents the fibers from becoming frizzy, and adds resilience to the entire system. Infill also protects the backing of the turf from ultraviolet rays. For these reasons, it’s essential to purchase an infill product for artificial grass.

Shock pads

Shock Pads are installed over artificial grass to reduce the risk of injuries from falls. Some shock pads are made from recycled foam while others are filled with sand. The critical fall height of any particular installation will vary. To maximize protection, use thick shock pads. They will last as long as the artificial grass itself. Read on to learn more about shock pad installation and its benefits. And don’t forget to read the installation guide for more information!

Artificial Grass Accessories

Shock pads are a very important part of any artificial grass project. They protect the surface from abrasion and reduce the risk of compaction, which accelerates damage to the backing and fibres. Additionally, shock pads help to reduce the risk of injury to users by supporting the grass fibres. In addition to the safety benefits, they also comply with regulations of various sporting codes. The installation process becomes much faster and easier with shock pads installed.

Shock pads are essential to preventing injuries from falls and traumas. Whether you are playing basketball, football or tennis, shock pads are vital to the safety of your field. In addition, they will reduce infill splash and increase the density of fiber pile. Shock pads are often placed in high traffic areas. The impact of these impacts can lead to injuries, and the shock pads will minimize infill splash. The shock pads also reduce the height of the fiber pile and increase density. Shock pads have replaced traditional shock absorbers that have been used inside the infill. However, they require a considerable amount of maintenance.

Weed membranes

If you have ever installed an artificial lawn, you will know how important weed control is. Despite the fact that weed membranes can be costly, they are often overlooked by homeowners. In some situations, however, a weed membrane is an absolute necessity. These include areas with a preexisting weed problem, as well as areas that are subject to grading restrictions. Listed below are some reasons why you should use a weed membrane for your artificial grass project.

Artificial Grass Accessories

The first step to installation is to remove the natural turf. Once this is done, you should then lay a base layer of type 1 MOT aggregate, which will give the artificial turf its solidity. This will help prevent it from sagging or sinking. Remember to never lay artificial grass directly on soil or earth. Use sharp sand to level the sub-base before laying the weed membrane. Ensure that the surface is dry before applying the weed membrane.

Weeds are another common problem with artificial grass, and they can ruin the appearance of a garden or lawn. These weeds require more maintenance and require you to spend a lot of time weeding. Thankfully, there is an easy solution to this problem – weed membranes. Geotextile weed membranes are available in four-metre widths and still retain excellent drainage properties. Weed membranes for artificial grass are an easy way to combat weed growth without sacrificing the look of your lawn.

Seaming tapes

TrafficMaster Seam Tape is a great choice for securing seams in artificial grass. It’s used along with TrafficMaster Seam Glue, which is sold separately. Together, the tape and glue form a solid bond that’s resistant to all weather conditions. If you use seam tapes properly, you should find that they’ll last for years. For the most secure artificial grass seams, consider purchasing seam tapes with a lifetime warranty.

Artificial Grass Accessories

The seaming tape for artificial grass comes in rolls of 33 feet long. It is 6 inches wide and is perfect for seaming two pieces of artificial grass. Because of its adhesive property, it bonds the artificial grass edges together. Because the tapes are self-adhesive, you don’t need messy glue fingers to apply the seaming tape. It also provides a strong and durable seam. Seaming tapes for artificial grass are a great choice for seaming artificial lawns and turf.

Seaming tapes for artificial grass should be used in conjunction with TrafficMaster Artificial Grass Adhesive to provide a secure joint between two pieces of turf. Glue should be applied to the lighter side first and then spread along the seam. Use protective clothing and wear a mastic gun to apply adhesive. When laying the tapes, it’s important to make sure that you have applied enough adhesive on both sides.

Garden hose

The perfect artificial turf accessory for cleaning and maintaining this type of lawn is a garden hose. A kink-free hose weighs less than a conventional garden hose and will save you a lot of water. Another plus of an artificial turf lawn is that you’ll spend less time mowing, weeding, or fertilizing it. The no-kink hose is lightweight and is much easier to use.

Artificial Grass Accessories

An inexpensive garden hose will do the job in a jiffy. Its flexible hose and attachments allow you to spray the grass and clean the debris. It also helps to spray a lawn rake or stiff broom to ensure that the grass is clean. Then, you can let it dry naturally. A stiff broom will also help you keep the blades upright. Lastly, the garden hose is also an excellent accessory for artificial lawns.

If you have kids playing on your turf, a garden hose will be your best friend. Even if it rains a lot, the hose will be your best friend when it comes to washing the lawn. Kids and pets can make the grass or plants matted , so a garden hose is essential for washing your artificial wall plant and turf. While cleaning products are not strictly necessary, they are a safe alternative to the hassle of watering your lawn.

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