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Everything You Need to Know About Windstream Internet

Choosing the right internet service provider isn’t as easy as it looks. There is so much that you have to consider before you can make a decision. One of the most important factors is your location and the availability of networks around you. Once you have that list, you can pick and choose your favorite. So, if you are considering Windstream Internet plans, there must be a thousand questions in your mind.

You should consider the customer service, packages, technology, and pricing for the ISP. If you want to avoid cancellation fees and hassle, you should make an informed decision. Because there are so many factors involved, preferences can differ for each individual. However, you shouldn’t make that decision on a whim. Here are some reasons why Windstream might be a good choice for you.

Availability in Rural Areas

All is not lost for people in rural areas. Kinetic by Windstream might be the wildcard you have been waiting for. Most people living in rural areas have limited to no options for good internet connections. Moreover, the ones they have are usually slow and expensive. Rural areas don’t enjoy the speeds of cable internet or fiber optic. So, satellite internet might be your only option. and it can get quite expensive. However, Kinetic internet is available in many rural areas as well. The packages are usually less expensive, and the maintenance costs are also low.

Fiber-Optic Service

Kinetic connections in rural areas are mostly DSL. But the speeds and packages can match satellite and fixed wireless networks. You might even get more bang for your buck with Windstream. Moreover, as you get closer to the cities, Kinetic has even better options for you. They have a fiber-optic plan with a low introductory price compared to others. But the price and packages vary according to your locality.

So, people in cities might have other options for internet like cable or other fiber-optic connections. It is always best to check for speed and pricing in your area beforehand. There are certain areas where Kinetic has low rates and faster connections. So, you might be able to get a bargain price with them.

Small Coverage Percentage

As Kinetic offers most of its services in rural areas it has a low coverage percentage. Even though it is available in over 18 states, most areas have a low density of population. So, it allows the company to provide services in areas with little to no connectivity. As the number of clients on the network is less, there might be more bandwidth for each to enjoy. Their network lines are not as crowded as other cable operators. As a result, more than 85% of their clients can enjoy high-speed DSL coverage.

No Contracts

One of the most important things to consider before getting an ISP would be their contract. Many internet providers have strict contracts that clients have to fulfill. So, there is no way out of the service before the agreed-upon time. If you are not satisfied, you might have to pay a cancellation fee to get out of the deal. However, Kinetic Windstream has no written and binding contracts with their customers. So, if you are moving out or don’t like the service, you can call them and quit. There are no additional fees, and the process can be hassle-free.

No Data Throttling

Data Caps are monthly limits that customers can enjoy on their internet package. So, when you reach that limit, the company might throttle your internet speed. Many ISPs do this to reduce the over-consumption of bandwidth by one customer. As Windstream does not have any data caps, there is no throttling either. It can be annoying to get low speed even when you have paid for more. So, if data throttling is an issue for you, Windstream might be a good option.

Customer Service

Customer service might be the most important factor to consider before you choose an ISP. Your interaction with the company only starts at the onboarding. The more you use their services, the more you will have to deal with their support staff. So, if you want smooth sailing, you should consider customer service and reviews as well.

Here is where you might find other companies are a step ahead of Windstream. They have improved after-sales support a lot over the past years. But they still lag behind other major service providers. So, if you can put up with below-average customer service, you can choose Windstream. However, Windstream is still one of the best in rural areas because of the low availability of options.


So, whether Windstream is the right choice for you or not can depend upon your preferences. If you are in a rural area, it might be the best option. However, there are other competitive ISPs in cities with more options.

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