Steam or dry carpet cleaning: Which is better

This cleaning method is very important in certain places, which require a deep and professional cleaning regularly

We must do dry carpet cleaning with specific machines that allow you to clean even the most difficult areas without having to move the furniture from the site or having to close that area to traffic (which allows you to continue with your activity as normal). In addition, these cleaning methods are not harmful to people or animals and respect the environment.

Close up of steam cleaner cleaning very dirty carpet. Close up of steam cleaner cleaning very dirty carpet. Carpet cleaning stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

This cleaning method is very important in certain places, which require a deep and professional carpet cleaning regularly without closing the area to be cleaned to the public and/or workers. Hence, modern machinery that can maintain the large carpet and/or carpet areas in perfect condition without stopping business activity during the process.

With this cleaning system, carpets, rugs, and upholstery are thoroughly clean, dry, and ready for immediate use, the reappearance of odors and stains is avoided and there is a less risk during maintenance and cleaning ( cables and plugs).

In addition, wet cleaning can deteriorate certain areas sensitive to moisture, such as furniture and wooden foot-runners, and it is a more expensive method of cleaning carpets since dry cleaning saves personnel, material, and time simplifying the task and achieving unparalleled results.

Wet carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning by specialized companies such as SCS Group Cleaning Solution is usually done with specialized dry machinery, but in specific cases, a more specific cleaning is necessary because of the type of fabric/material, the type of stains…

To carry out a wet cleaning of carpets, specific cleaning products are necessary according to the type of carpet and dirt or stain and carry out two previous tasks by checking and preparing the piece (these types of details will tell you if the company acts professionally or not):

  • Before applying any type of product, we carry a deep vacuum out on both sides of the piece, to remove all kinds of particles of dust, sand, etc.,  there is a risk of producing mud. with the application of liquid products for these surfaces, leaving the area under treatment matted.
  • It is also very important to carry out a test with the product in a small area that is not very visible (a corner or under the piece). This practice is especially useful on long-pile rugs and carpets because if the product deteriorates the color since we apply it to very few fibers, we will always camouflage them with the rest.

To clean carpets wet, you can use products such as soapy ammonia in water (very suitable for cleaning both wool and felt carpets) for short-pile acrylic or polyester carpets (very good product to clean vomit and feces of animals).

To remove stains from fruit juices, coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, wine, sauces, eggs, or blood, industrial solutions are used or a solution of neutral detergent and white vinegar to clean in warm water (depending on how it is the stain), which is applied with a damp sponge and then dried and cleaned with a cloth.

Alcohol mixed with water removes sugar and glue residue. To remove oil, ink, bitumen, and tar stains, we use specific solvents for cleaning carpets and dry rugs. In stains of paint, nail polish, or ink, after applying the solvent for dry cleaning, moisten the dirty area with a solution of warm water, neutral detergent, and cleaning vinegar, and finally apply this same solvent again. Thus ensuring better results.


If the stains are mud or recent dirt, allow them to dry, and once dry, brush the area well with brushes and/or rotary machines, depending on the type of fabric. Later we will apply a solution of three parts of water for one ammonia or a specific solvent.

Tips for proper carpet cleaning

1) Keep the carpet free of dust and mites

In order to carry out proper maintenance and cleaning of carpets, it is necessary to vacuum regularly.

The most recommended thing to maintain the cleanliness of carpets and rugs is to vacuum on both sides, or faces, several times a week, or even daily if they are high-traffic areas or there are animals and children, preventing particles from accumulating of sand, dust, and hair, which will cause the appearance of the dreaded mites, responsible for so many allergies.

2) Periodic and continuous cleaning

Both where stained by spilled liquids, such as wine, as if they are other types of stains, they need treatment immediately. To facilitate the cleaning of corrosion and stains that may occur after the moment of staining. Dirty the surface.

For this reason, it is advisable to carry out regular and regular cleaning of this type of element for its perfect conservation and maintenance.


3) It is advisable to carry out a thorough carpet cleaning annually

It will always be good to change its position and that of the furniture that may be on it. To achieve more regular and uniform wear of it. In addition, every year we must carry some deep cleaning of these elements out. At least once depending on the use made of it.

In SCS Group Cleaning Solution we offer a cleaning service for carpets, rugs, upholstery, and other textile surfaces. With the most modern specific machinery (such as steam and rotary machines) and the best extraction-injection methods (dry foam or shampoo) and dry extraction.

We use products and equipment that help us improve the quality, speed, and durability of professional carpets. Cleaning processes so that they stay clean for as long as possible without damaging them. Leave any type of residue that is harmful to them or two people.

Care and meticulousness are our hallmarks. If you want more information about our carpet cleaning and the carpet cleaning service, contact us. We will advise you on the most convenient maintenance system in each case. Agree on the cleaning periods that best suit your needs., with no kind of commitment.


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