End of construction cleaning: What you should know

Do you plan to carry out reform at home or have you finished a reform? Then this post interests you. Today we talk about the final cleaning of work in Sydney or cleaning after the reform. We tell you what you should know and how much it usually costs. 

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What steps must you follow to do an end-of-construction cleaning of work in Sydney? 

In a reform, dust is the king of the house, but paint, silicone, and the remains of debris are not short either. For this reason, special emphasis must be placed so as not to find surprises when we are living in our renovated house. 

To carry out an end-of-construction cleaning correctly, you will need machinery since, although the operators are careful, inevitably, a lot of dirt accumulates. That is why we recommend hiring a cleaning company in Sydney to carry out the final cleaning of the work. As we have commented on other posts, dust and dirt can cause diseases, and we have also commented that cleaning is not the same as sanitizing. Without further ado, these are the steps you should follow to clean your house after a work: 

  1. Cover well the furniture that inevitably has to stay at home. 

Whether it is because you are simply going to paint the rooms of your home or because there is furniture that you cannot remove, because of its size or assembly, it is very important to cover it well. A covered piece of furniture will not prevent it from getting dirty, but it will be easier to clean, and if you decide to hire an end-of-construction cleaning service, it will be cheaper if there is less furniture to clean. 

  1. Pay special attention to dust. 

As we have already mentioned, dust is very present for renovations and is an enemy to our health and well-being. We must clean it correctly, starting with the largest elements and ending with the smallest. Keep in mind that with a single pass, you do not remove even a quarter of the dust that is generated with a reform. Therefore, start with the most superficial.

  1. Remove embedded stains. 

It is common to see in newly renovated and cleaned houses without machinery and by private individuals the typical plaster, cement or paint stains on the floor. When these become embedded, they are more difficult to remove, so it is best to have a specialized cleaning company in Sydney. 

  1. Final cleaning and reviews. 

Work accumulates a lot of dirt, so it is better not to skimp on passes or cleaning. Whenever we review, we will find some type of dirt that we have not seen before. That is why it is important to do all that is necessary so that your house is perfectly clean. 

As you can see, an end-of-construction cleaning is more expensive than it seems. When an individual does the cleaning himself, it requires a lot of time and dedication. Experience in this type of work is a degree and the help of specialized machinery facilitates cleaning work in Sydney. The price of a final construction cleaning will vary depending on the company that quotes it and the size of the home. Among the things that must be taken into account to make a budget for the end of the work, we would highlight: 

– Type of housing

– Number of common areas

– Number of meters

– Type of reform 

On this website, you can specify these characteristics and request a quote for construction cleaning. A specialized salesperson will send you a tailored quote and you will find out the final cleaning rates for the work. 

Remember that the SCS Group is a cleaning company in Sydney that specialized in cleaning private individuals, cleaning offices, and cleaning industrial buildings.




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