Education & Promotion: What Should Your Content Mix Be On Instagram?

Education & Promotion: What Should Your Content Mix Be On Instagram?

Education & Promotion: What Should Your Content Mix Be On Instagram?

For today’s businesses, there is no social media platform as powerful as Instagram in terms of increasing brand awareness and increasing sales. For more increase you can also buy Instagram followers Greece. However, there is one major obstacle that every business faces on the platform – the content mix. Simply put, content mix refers to the variety of content you post on Instagram. While some businesses lean towards promotional videos, others prefer to post educational videos.

In this article, we will compare the two types of content, namely educational and promotional content, and let you know what your content mix should be on Instagram. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Educational content on Instagram: Advantages

If your primary goals are to inform and educate your target audience about your business’s products and/or services, educational or informative content is the way to go. In addition to telling your target audience how to use your products properly, you can also use educational content to talk about other relevant things in your niche.

Posting educational content on Instagram has several advantages for businesses, such as:

  • It helps your brand gain trust and credibility: When your content helps your audience learns about new things, it automatically gives your brand more trust and credibility. For example, if your business deals in cosmetic products, you can post content that informs your audience about best practices for using them. This will help your brand stand out as an expert in your niche and also add value to your audience.
  • It’s more likely to be shared: If people find your content informative and meaningful, it automatically increases the chances of them sharing your content. We all know what sharing does, right? When your content is shared heavily, many new people will be introduced to your brand, and if your content appeals to them, you can expect more shares.
  • Can increase website traffic with buy Instagram followers: For businesses, Instagram marketing is not a stand-alone activity – it is an integral part of their overall marketing efforts. And its purpose is not only to increase sales, but also to increase website traffic. Through informative and educational Instagram content, you can encourage your target audience to visit your website and learn more about your business and its offerings.

However, despite these benefits of educational content, the fact is that you cannot rely on it alone to grow your business. You also need promotional content, which we’ll talk about in detail in the next section.

Advantages of posting promotional content on Instagram

You can think of ad content as your business’s sales pitch on Instagram. Simply put, promotional content allows your business to make a positive impression on the minds of your target audience. This is just as important as informing and educating them about your products and other relevant things in your niche. The advantages of posting promotional content include:

  • It increases brand perception and awareness and buy Instagram followers: In terms of building brand awareness and perception, nothing works like promotional content. A killer promotional campaign can help cement your business’s identity in the minds of your target audience, which you can best leverage to drive sales.
  • Can promote engagement: Engagement is important on Instagram and if you want to witness an increase in Instagram likes and Instagram comments, you cannot ignore promotional content. You can include call-to-action (CTA) messages in your promotional content that will encourage your audience to engage in conversations.
  • It can alert your audience about upcoming events: If your business has upcoming events, you can use promotional content to promote them, which will make people more likely to come. You can optimize this content by using features like Geo tagging to let your audience know when and where the event will be held.


In general, it’s fair to say that you should have 50-50 educational and promotional content on Instagram. The fact is that both types of content have their own advantages for businesses.

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