Detailed Note On Types of Creative Pillow Shaped Products Boxes

Pillow Boxes

Packaging of products is advancing and upgrading with time. Nowadays, it is wise to design remarkable packaging boxes to cope with peoples’ priorities relating to changing trends. One most advanced forms of packaging is pillow-shaped packaging which is the preference of many retail businesses. Therefore, many professional companies prefer unique pillow packaging to package lightweight and delicate products. This kind of packaging looks attractive and grasps customers’ attention to boost sales. You should know about some below-given types of custom pillow-shaped boxes to choose the best boxes for your products.

Personalized Pillow Boxes

The custom boxes personalized per your brand and product requirement are very effective for the promotion of your business. For example, you can print your business theme, logo, name, contact, or address details on the custom Pillow Boxes in alluring colors, patterns, graphics, templates, and fonts. These details will make your business recognizable among the audience. It is common sense that it is impossible to make a name in the business market without mentioning brand details on the product packaging.

Luxury Metallic Pillow Packaging

The gold and silver foiling technique increases the glamour of pillow packaging by making it more sparking. You can apply gold or silver foiling on the entire pillow box or you can color fonts, images, logos, or other details of packaging boxes with gold or silver foiling per your needs. This kind of pillow packaging gives a luxury look to the presentation of products.

Pillow Boxes

Some other techniques to add a luxury texture to pillow packaging are embossing, debossing, die-cutting, gluing, scoring, perforation, PVC sheet, and coating. Matte coating gives a satin finish to the entire packaging while glossy coating makes shiny pillow packaging. There is a UV coating option also available which is applied on certain spots of packaging to distinguish between matte and glossy areas. UV coating provides a shield against harsh UV rays to maintain the quality of products.

Eco-Friendly Pillow Packaging

Increasing global warming and climate issues urge the need for eco-friendly packaging. It will reduce packaging waste due to its biodegradable nature. Eco-friendly pillow packaging is easy to recycle and reuse for multiple purposes. Moreover, the manufacturing of eco-friendly boxes does not require harmful chemicals so it is safe for your food products as well. They are easy to print and personalize in any shape and size. Some examples of eco-friendly pillow packaging boxes are:

Sturdy Pillow Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard pillow packaging boxes are eco-friendly, elegant, and sturdy nature. Their strong walls are not only resistant to crushing but also modifiable in any shape and size. These boxes can serve the purpose of food boxes, apparel boxes, and cosmetic boxes. They are perfect to encase all sorts of products because of their flexible nature. Moreover, they protect items against dust, moisture, heat, and other damage-causing factors during shipping and transportation. One can place pillow-shaped cardboard boxes on display shelves and grab the maximum attention of customers.

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Kraft Pillow Packaging Boxes

Eco-friendly Kraft boxes are easy to personalize in white, brown, or other colors per your needs. One can get these boxes for low-weight candies, snacks, ponies, and so on. These boxes are popular due to their customization capabilities. One can use either raw Kraft paper to make these pillow boxes or print multiple colors of choice. Apart from customization, these boxes are effective for business promotion when printed with the brand name and logo in alluring fonts.

Pillow Gift Boxes

People are always looking for something unique and priceless to gift their dear ones. That’s why make sure to package gift products in the most fetching way possible. Packaging gifts and treats in pillow boxes are very popular on Christmas, Halloween, thanksgiving, Easter, and other special occasions. These unique-shaped boxes form a strong impression on gift receivers’ minds. Moreover, these boxes are best to boost sales if you are running a gift or favor business. Many brands prefer pillow packaging boxes considering their unique appearance. Pillow packaging makes your products the center of attention.

Pillow Boxes

Window Pillow Boxes

You already know that customers love to check out products before making a buying decision. They open and close packaging boxes which can lead to product damage. Prevent such chaos and cut windows on the pillow packaging to let customers see the products without opening the packaging. Furthermore, window cut is a smart marketing strategy to increase customers’ desires by giving them a glimpse of your products. You can be creative and add window cuts in heart, square, triangular, or other shapes per your desires. It will increase the transparency as well as elegance of your products.

Pillow Box with Handle

Pillow packaging is already convenient and easy to carry but the handle can make it more advanced benefits. Like you can hang these Custom Packaging Boxes near counters of stores for easy access and get the attention of customers passing by. That’s why many brands prefer custom pillow packaging boxes with handles to enhance their product demands among customers. The handle allows customers to easily carry the packaging boxes from one place to the other. Furthermore, you can customize the handle in distinguishing shapes, sizes, and styles to get the desired packaging.

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