Channels of Communication to Use for Job Hunting

Job hunting seems to be the most challenging task for most people. But in actual job hunting is not that much difficult. The main challenge is for fresh graduates. They do not have complete information regarding different channels of communication, and this lack of knowledge becomes a hurdle for them. These channels work as a path for graduates and help them to get the best suitable job. The rate of employment is already getting low in market, and in this situation lack of information can make it worse. Sitting at home and assuming that someone will hire you for your dream position/job is a total waste of time. You need to put some efforts and go an extra mile to hunt your dream job. To find the right job communication channels play a vital role. Getting engaged with right channels helps you to talk with professionals and have information about market opportunities.

Why Channel of Communication is Important:

There are many people who think that applying in one or two organizations is enough. They assume that they will get a response from any organization at least. Let’s get out of the imaginary world and face the ground reality. As a fresh graduate, you do not have any experience, or if you have any experience there might be a chance that the company do not want to hire you. Considering the COVID situation and unemployment rate there might be a possibility that you don’t find any open opportunities.

The factors mentioned above and a few more play a significant role in job hunting. Communication channels is one of them. If you are a Fresh graduate and facing problems in finding the proper channels of communication for job hunting, then stay with me till the end of this article. You will definitely get some useful insights and tips that can solve your problem.


Although LinkedIn is new in the market, but it got fame in a very short duration of time. Now it is considered as one of the best professional platforms. Almost all university students make their accounts on LinkedIn before they graduate. People use it to build professional network and consider it as one of the best channels of communication. On LinkedIn, you get easy access to the people working in the market. First of all, you have to make a profile on it and add all the required data. It is very important to create an attractive profile. You can add your soft skills, software expertise, and other projects that you have completed during your study. Also, you can mention your internship or job experiences. After that, get connected with professionals relevant to your field.

Furthermore, you can directly follow many organizations on LinkedIn. Almost all companies post new vacancies on LinkedIn. When you show interest in their vacancies or apply to any job post, the HR visits your profile and consider your profile depending on nature of job and your expertise. That is why it is essential to keep updating your profile.

Another important aspect is that having an account on LinkedIn doesn’t mean you will automatically be considered for a job. But you have to keep an eye on relevant posts and apply for them. Otherwise, you would not get any benefit out of it.

Social Media

There was a time when social media used to be a platform for fun only. But now, the time has been changed. People use it as a platform to interact with people and build a professional network. People use this network for job hunting. In the current era job is the basic need of everyone. So, people are more conscious about it, and the trend of using social media for job hunting is picking heat. You can see many companies having their public pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These pages are followed and liked by millions of professionals. You can use social media as another best channel of communication for job hunting.

Connection with Alumni

Very frequently, companies do not even post for their new vacancies. In such circumstances, the only way to get access is through the people already working there. You can ask your department’s head to share contacts of alumni. When you build a network with alumni and keep connections, the chances of having a job increase significantly. They can recommend you at their workplace. The HR of any company trust their employees, and they acknowledge the recommendations of their employees. That is how your alumni network can play an important role in channels of communication for the job hunt.

Website Of Company

Website is a channel of communication in which you do not need any third party’s involvement. Many companies like dissertation writing services are offering jobs for fresh graduates as well as experienced persons. You can directly access the higher authorities of the company through email. It is well and good if you have a list of target companies. Otherwise, make an excel sheet and collect the email of HR. one by one, send an email to all companies. Do not forget to attach your CV and Cover letter in the email. Also, write a formal message of two to three lines.

Networking Events

Networking events also work as channels of communication for all job hunters. These events include coffee sittings, seminars or workshops. Let’s discuss about each of these aspects separately. Having a coffee meeting with professionals can work well to build a strong bond of affection. You can call your teacher and seniors for a coffee meeting within the university. Here in the meeting ask them about the market trends and talk on current affairs of your field. You can also try online sessions for this purpose.

In the same way, you should never miss professional seminars and workshops if you have time. In seminars, you will get a chance of face-to-face interaction with people from different organisations and fields. Add them or follow their social media profiles, and do not forget to exchange numbers. You can inquire about new vacancies from these industry personnels.

The channels of communication are considered as a fundamental pillar in job hunting. Make sure you have built a strong presence on different job hunting and professional websites. Apart from that always keep an eye on company’s website for some great opportunities.

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