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All About Haroon Kadwani

About Haroon

You might be wondering how old Haroon Kadwani is. This is a common question, and it has several answers. The actor is only twenty-two years old, so his age is not that crucial. However, if you’re curious, you can read about his childhood and family in this article. He was born in Punjab and comes from a talented family. His father, Abdullah Kadwani, is a renowned producer and MD of GEO Entertainment and has also acted in tv serials. His uncle, Asad Qureshi, is a producer for 7th Sky Entertainment. Despite his young age, Haroon is already achieving a lot and is becoming recognized as one of the best actors of the showbiz industry.

Film Industry

A talented young actor, Haroon Kadwani, has worked in the film industry and television. He is a cousin of Feroze Khan and looks similar to him. He first made his television debut in Izn-e-Rukhsat (The Sense of an Eraser) which aired on GEO. His last telefilm was Mohabbat Tum Se Nafrat Hai, which ran from April 8 until October 29, 2017. In this series, he played the role of Ali. As a result, he became a popular actor who can act in any genre.

Where he lives?

Originally from Karachi, Haroon Kadwani is the son of famous Pakistani TV producer and director Abdullah Kadwani. His family consists of four children and a successful production company. Moreover, Haroon has a very active social media presence, with many pictures posted on his Instagram. As a rising star of the showbiz industry, Haroon Kadwani has a very successful career. Reno article have more things you can see.

He was born in Karachi and is the son of Abdullah Kadwani, the founder of 7th Sky Entertainment. During his early years, he was a top model. He has been in over 25 television commercials. He has appeared in more than fifty television drama serials. In fact, he has been the youngest actor in Pakistani television since the late nineteen eighties. Nevertheless, he has been an acclaimed actor since his debut.

His Career in Drama

The young actor started his career in television before moving to the film industry. He is a very good mimic of Feroze Khan, and his character has won several awards. His television debut came in the form of a telefilm called Muhabbat Tum Se Nafrat Hai in 2017. Though he does not have any television experience, his talented acting skills have made him a household name in the showbiz.

Born in Karachi, Haroon is a talented Pakistani actor. His father, Abdullah, is a prominent producer in the industry. He also has a talented family. His father is the head of the company 7th Sky Entertainment. As a result, his father was an important part of his life. The Kadwani family has a rich background in the film industry. Unlike Feroze Khan, Haroon is a descendant of Abdullah Kadwani and has had a long way to go.

Born in Karachi, Haroon Kadwani is a Pakistani actor who has been working steadily in the industry for a few years. He made his small screen debut in the 2017 telefilm Muhabbat Tum Se Nafrat Hai, which was directed by his father. His acting skills have helped him to become a leading star in the showbiz. He is also unmarried, and resides with his family in the city.

Born in Karachi, Haroon Kadwani has a talented family. His father is a producer in the industry, and his mother is an actress. Her father is a managing director of a major television network, and he has also acted in a few dramas in his early years. He is currently unmarried and focuses on his career. In addition to being an actor, she is also a singer and songwriter.

The young star hails from Karachi. He is the younger brother of Abdullah Kadwani, the founder of 7th Sky Entertainment. His father is a producer, and his mother is a businesswoman. She has a successful career in the industry, focusing on her acting. In addition to her father, her brother, Abdullah, and sister are all successful. He is an entrepreneur and has worked in the entertainment industry.

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