3D Virtual Platform Can Be A Boon For Every Virtual Event

The cancellation or postponement of business events led people to rely on digital tools and platforms more and more for conducting in-person events like the launching of a new product, conferences and trade shows. People who had always been to in-person meetings or in-person prospect selling. Had to get well verse with platform like Zoom. This type of video conferencing can be a great source for conventional video meetings. Still, it lacks the basic resources. Which can make the attendees or clients more immersed in their products and services with the help of a visually engaging experience. Moreover, it also doesn’t render a creative professional team that can be experienced with the help of any impactful 3D virtual platform

A live virtual event is a place where all the action happens online. The attendees need not show up in any convention center or hotel for joining this kind of meeting. They just need to log in to the website of that event. And there are online counterparts available for every element in a live virtual event platform. One also has the option to either go for 100% virtual or make it a hybrid event with a mix of both live features and virtual features. Hence with these types of live events, one can make their marketing message heard loud and clear.

Reasons for opting live virtual platform for conducting events 

There are many reasons why these virtual events are a better alternative than in-person events. Here are a few of those reasons mention –

  • The attendee base can be expand –

In a virtual event, people need not worry about the cost of accommodation to book any place or travel to be present there. With the help of this, one can expand their attendees by reaching out to other countries by just going live on a virtual platform. 

  • The online platform can be ideally helpful for monetization –

With the help of the 3D virtual surroundings, one has plenty of options to expose the marketing message to their targeted audience for the brands and sponsors of the events. 

  • These events have the staying power –

The content that is create for any virtual event can be accessible afterward. Which makes it possible to extend the life and Return on Investment (ROI) of that event. Another option for repackaging or repurposing is also available for the efforts used in other marketing. 

The analytics offered by the virtual events are incredible.

One of the major differences between virtual events and in-person events is the data, as one can avail a larger amount of resourceful data if the event is conducted virtually. 

One can easily track their attendees online, which is impossible in a physical event. Once any person logs into the web page of the event, it immediately gives access to the individual to see what sites they are visiting and how long they are spending there. Even for statistical purposes, one can easily track those who have joined in aggregating the data. 

A lot of work is done by the attendee themselves by just filling out the enrollment forms and surveys. Since every attendee has their unique login identifier, one can match the attendee behavior data to the demographic information, furnishing even more information about what any individual and specific group is doing at the virtual event. 

In short, one has a great advantage to track the attendee behavior. Which can be a great asset of event touchpoints. This helps to create a better event for next time by improving the event ROI and one’s relationship with their event audience. 

Opting for 3D virtual events is the solution to a lucrative future.

Conventional webinars can be useful in some scenarios. The people joining these kinds of events have the accessibility to view the presenter giving a presentation with the help of a slideshow to relay the marketing message to a wide variety of people. They also have access to the chat window. Where they can post their question, and the moderator can choose some questions among them for the presenter to answer. This makes the webinars commonplace for everyone, but they often fail to put forward impactful or engaging information, which can be possible with the help of a 3D virtual platform.

3D virtual events can be very engaging with the help of 3D graphics, making it possible for the attendees to explore and experience in a better way. For example, these 3D events can mimic any real conference. Where the attendees have access to move around every area in the event space. All this is conducted with the help of the content available live or recorded, and there is also the option of setting up meetings or viewing the 3D product demos. The attendees can easily visit:-

  • The keynote area
  • Networking lounges
  • Breakout rooms
  • Sponsor showcase
  • And many more

In addition to these activities. There are many other feature available such as sponsor “escape room,” where the attende are given the clues to find. Their escape route from the sponsored video product. With the help of these features. One can have an interactive session with one another, and the communication amongst everyone can also be better. 

Conclusion –

Live virtual event platforms are here to stay for a longer duration, and the benefits available through them are undeniable. When one invests in a virtual event. It can be very profitable for them if it is design and host professionally; this also allows one to reuse and customize the event investment in a distributed manner. This shows to the attendees that one cares about the experiences gained through. The virtual event and also that they have a strong opinion about their product or service. 

One of the key advantages of 3D virtual events. That are sometimes overlook is how easily it can generate additional ROI by repurposing the event content. There are many ways to build the event achievements by using the event content once the event is over. Event content can be reuse to increase the event ROI for building up the value. This helps to attract website traffic. So that it can boost the attendee retention figure, in turn helping one to prove their event ROI to their sponsors and exhibitors.

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