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7 Ways to Promote Your Amazon Listings

Optimizing Your Amazon Listings Is Key to Success

Amazon is a huge marketplace with tens of thousands of sellers and even more products.  Standing out can be a real challenge, especially in highly saturated markets. But sellers do have marketing options that can be implemented to help their Amazon listings rank higher and be more successful on Amazon.

Below we have seven strategies to implement on your Amazon store to help you sell more!

Amazon SEO

Just like SEO for your website, Amazon SEO will help drive people to your Amazon listings with the help of keywords.  Product listings’ copy should be optimized for Amazon’s algorithm which will rank your products higher. Amazon marketing consultants are professionals that can help you with optimizing your products and have specialized knowledge of what works in the Amazon marketplace. With the right keywords in places like your titles and descriptions, your products will appear in the right searches. This means more people seeing those products and in turn more people buying them.

Amazon PPC

Amazon offers pay-per-click (PPC) ads to help you advertise your products on their platform.  There are three different types of ads which include:

  • Sponsored Ads that appear at the top of search results and sell specific products.
  • Sponsored Brands that also appear at the top of search results and sell brands as a whole.
  • Product Display Ads appear as something consumers might also be interested in buying after they have made a purchase.

Amazon Review Management

Customers heavily use reviews from other customers to gauge how well a product will perform for them.  You want to keep an eye on your reviews and respond to anything negative quickly and professionally.  Also, you should be encouraging, and even rewarding, your customers through Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program to leave reviews. 

External SEO

The SEO tactics that you use on Amazon will also work on Google.  Consider what you can put into your product copy to help it rank higher on Google searches as well.  You can also run paid ads on Google to either direct them to a landing page with more information or directly to a product page on Amazon.

Email Marketing

Consider setting up an email list on your website or another place online where you can collect a list of emails from your customers.  As your list builds you can create specific emails directed at the people most interested in your Amazon products.  Develop targeted emails promoting your store or products or send emails to customers who have already bought from you with suggestions of other products they might enjoy.

Social Media Marketing

Set up social media pages for your business and start promoting your Amazon products on those platforms.  People spend a lot of time on social media and so you want to get in front of where their eyes are.  You can run paid ads on these platforms for your Amazon products or reward other users for sharing and posting about your products to their followers.

Website Marketing

If you have a website, promote your Amazon products directly on your site.  Direct visitors to your Amazon store by having calls to action throughout your site in specific places directly related to your Amazon storefront. You can also work your products into content pieces to help show how you are an expert in your industry to build trust with potential customers.


Setting up your products on an Amazon Storefront is just the first step to seeing success.  Its important to also complete the proper marketing steps to get in front of the right customers. For those business owners who are too busy or not confident in their skills, there are plenty of resources for you including hiring an amazon marketing agency to assist you with optimizing your product listings for success!

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