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Amazon Marketing Best Practices

Check Our Our List of Best Practices for Amazon!

Amazon offers so many tools for sellers to help them sell their products that it can seem a daunting task to know where to start.  If you are skipping out on getting an Amazon marketing services agency to assist you with optimizing your product listing, which we highly suggest you avoid doing, you might not know where to start.  

To help, we have gathered some of the best practices we have found for marketing on Amazon that can help point you in the right direction below.

Buyers Click Based On a Product’s Title

As buyers are looking through products during their searches, they will be quickly scanning the titles of products to see if they match what they are looking for.  Amazon’s algorithm is set up to favor shorter titles over longer ones however, there is space for up to 250 characters so you can optimize your title.  Consider adding things such as brand names, the product’s name, and other specialized features to the title to help you rank better and make it easier for customers to know what the product does quickly.

Images Are Extremely Important

People are visual creatures and this is especially true with they are looking to buy something online.  Because they cannot physically touch or see a product before purchasing, online buyers use images as their method of determining if a product is good enough to purchase.  Invest in professional images of your products that get customers to click on your product instead of scrolling past it. Also consider including things like sizing diagrams, measurement charts, or other graphics that help show additional benefits to customers.

Easier to Read Text Converts More

No one wants to read bulk text when they are trying to make a purchase.  Making your product descriptions easy to read will help improve your conversion rates because customers will easily find the information they are looking for.  Break your text up into bullet points for easy scanning and use bold text to highlight the most important parts of your product.

Use Enhanced Brand Content Pages

Make use of Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content pages were are designed to improve the product description section of your product listings.  There are five templates to choose from and they allow you to add additional photos, product copy, and more to your listings. These are a great way to help your product stand out and show customers quickly why your product is perfect for their needs.

Positive Product Ratings Are a Must

It’s a well-known fact that customers judge your product based on the ratings it has received from other buyers.  Your rating also impacts your product placement in search results so you should strive for the highest rating possible. If you are low on reviews, ask your customers to review your product for a reward or develop a program to offer sponsored reviews in return for products.  And if you do get a negative review, respond to it in a professional manner. Buyers can see how you responded to a negative review and this will show them that you care about your customer experience.

Don’t Forget the Q&A Section

Potentially one of the most underused parts of Amazon product listings in the Question and Answer section.  This section can be used by both customers and sellers to answer common questions about a product.  Sellers should keep an eye on this section and make sure that the answers given to questions are correct.


Although we have laid out some of the best practices for marketing on Amazon here it’s important to note that this is an ever-evolving process.  Amazon sellers should be constantly testing and optimizing their product listings in order to get the highest conversion rates.  The best Amazon marketing agencies out there can help you with these steps if you don’t feel like you can do it on your own.  With a bit of help and the right setup, you will start seeing an influx of sales!

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