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Free play is associated with childhood at this stage of life, and children have plenty of time to play and enjoy. Arts and crafts supplies allow kids to observe, explore, and imitate the world. Art is an amazing outlet for the kids that motivates them to build something productive. Now the question is, where to start this journey? Take the initiative by making art accessible to the kids for playing in their free time. 

Some simple art projects such as painting, drawing, and coloring can help them develop their interest. Once they get interested in arts, you can brainstorm with them new ideas. Such simple projects offer structured ways to enhance the little brains’ connections to learn and grow. 

Have you ever independently let your kid play with colors, paper, and other arts and crafts supplies? Let your kids explore the niche for some time freely and observe their interests. On the weekends, you can give them company and offer new ideas. A 5-minute craft is a good idea to let your kid create something from scratch. 

This article will share some latest ideas for making arts and crafts in 5 minutes only. School-going kids can easily create these art pieces with some help from their parents. 

 5 Minute 5 Arts and Crafts Ideas

Accompany your kids in their free time and let them explore new ideas for making crafts. Kids can make unique art pieces in five minutes with some simple box supplies, including paper, binding accessories, cutting equipment, and some fresh ideas. Additionally, you can offer them help with their project. Here are five latest craft ideas to perform in only five minutes.

1: Observational drawing

It is one of the best ideas to indulge your kids in some creative artwork. Offer them the idea of making a drawing based on their observation. Give them 5 minutes to think, ponder their surroundings, and draw something attractive. You can extend this idea with the supplies available, such as playing dough, crayons, painting colors, brushes, paper, and more.

2: Clay creations

Almost every household with kids has some playing dough, clay and other arts and crafts available to keep the children engaged. You can easily order from craft outlet stores if you don’t have clay at home. Hand over the clay in different colors and bombard their minds with exceptional creative ideas. Let them do the rest and set a timer of five minutes. The timer will let them work efficiently and quickly. To develop their interest in such activities, you can also offer them a winning price as appreciation.

3: Sticker making

From kids to adults, stickers are everyone’s favorite. You can easily get the stickers from an art store or an online store. But do you know that you can also make them at home? You will need some simple arts and crafts supplies such as stamp pads, sticker paper, markers, and colors for this activity. Offer these supplies to your kids and set the timer for five minutes. Let them draw, design, and make stickers. For their help, you can give the idea of making stickers of their favorite movie characters and more.

4: Paper Tube Flowers

Another amazing idea of five minutes crafts is making paper tube flowers. These flowers are 3-dimensional and can be easily made using simple arts and crafts supplies such as toilet paper or paper towels, scissors, paint, paintbrushes, and more. Explore free craft supply catalogs on wholesale art stores and find the relevant supplies at low rates. Give your kids an overview of the activity and let them do the whole thing on their own.

5: Magnet painting

Magnet painting is a science and arts-wrapped idea that can click young minds. Most kids take a deep interest in mechanical items such as magnets, nuts, and bolts. So let them try the unique combination of science and arts by offering a unique idea of magnet paint. Order craft online from US HUB Wholesale and get the arts and crafts supplies with a single click.

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