4 Smart Steps to Get Verified on YouTube in 2023

It’s vital that your YouTube channel has credibility, as there are more than 15,000,000 content creators. This little sparkle of authenticity is what separates you from anyone who just uses your videos. This will also increase your chances of being found and, therefore, grow your fan base.

Posting high-quality content has been proven to be a great way to become verified. While there are many factors that go into creating a great video, from the script to the shooting, you can control one aspect of it: editing.

This article will cover all you need to learn about how to become verified on YouTube, and how to maintain that status. Let’s get started!

  • What is YouTube Verification?
  • How do I get verified on YouTube?
  • How can you improve your YouTube Verification Chances?
  • How do you keep your verification badges?

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What is YouTube Verification?

You can verify your YouTube account by letting YouTube know you are a real person. A verification badge is not the same as having your account verified.

  • Verification Badge

The gray check mark or music note next to the channel name is a verification badge. This badge lets users know you’re a legitimate brand or entity.

  • YouTube Verification Badge

Your verification badge acts as social proof, preventing copycats from stealing your traffic or content. Having this badge does not give you access to exclusive features.

We recommend that you use an online video editor such as InVideo, which offers endless customizations and template options.

  • Verifying Your Account

Verifying your account lets YouTube know you’re a human and not a robot that spams their platform. YouTube will ask you for your phone number when you create your account. They then confirm your account by sending you a text message or making a voice call.

After verification, you can upload videos longer than 15 minutes, add custom thumbnails and go live. You can also appeal claims of content ID. Verifying your account will also be necessary if you wish to monetize the channel.

How to Verify Your YouTube Account in 2023?

The rule to getting verified on YouTube is easy! You must have more than 100,000 subscribers. Then you can apply for the badge, but it does not mean that you will get one. Many factors are at play:

  • Is your YouTube channel authentic? Does it represent what it claims to?
  • Is the public access?
  • Does it have an appropriate icon and description?
  • Does the channel post quality content and is it active?

It won’t harm your chances to get verified quickly if you answer yes to the questions above. YouTube will likely verify channels that have less than 100k subscribing subscribers if they represent a well-known brand, individual, business, or entity.

It’s possible to find anomalies, such as the channels listed below that have no social identity but the badge of verification. However, it is likely that they received the badge before the system went into effect.

If you are able to meet the YouTube criteria, then follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Visit YouTube’s, Support Page

You can either click on the URL or paste it into your browser to be taken to the page.

Click on the Apply Now text to be directed to the application. If your channel does not qualify.

Step 2: Fill in the Form

You will need to enter your channel name as well as your channel ID once you have accessed the application form.

You can find your Channel ID by going to your YouTube account and clicking on the ‘View Advanced Setting’ option under ‘Your Channel.’ This will take you to a page with your Channel ID.

Click on the Submit button. Your YouTube account will be confirmed by email.

How Can You Improve Your Chances of YouTube Verification?

Just filling out a form will not guarantee that your channel receives a badge of verification. YouTube explicitly states that it won’t verify channels that impersonate other creators, organizations, brands, or brands and/or steal their content. Follow these steps to ensure your channel receives the verification badge.

A. Create Quality Content

Be consistent in posting videos. It doesn’t have to be every day. If you post quality content, you can post up to twice or once a week. You can make your content more appealing by choosing the right equipment, identifying a niche, and scripting videos that focus on audience retention.

You can try a few different ideas to increase the number of views on your channel.

B. Respond to Comments

It’s impossible to be authentic without engaging with your audience directly. This helps to build trust and recognition and shows everyone that you are the person you claim to be. Responding to comments encourages subscribers to your channel. Your channel will grow if you use clear CTAs, such as asking your audience to subscribe, like, and share your video.

C. Be Authentic

Tell the people exactly what you do or your brand. Make sure you don’t exaggerate the benefits of your product or service. Relevance is the key. Avoid unethical tactics like buying followers or annoying users.

How to Maintain Your Verification Badge?

There are two situations where the YouTube verification badge could be removed.

  • Change Your Channel Name

You will need to reapply if you rename your channel. You may be wondering why Logan Paul, a famous YouTuber, does not have a verification badge. It’s because his channel name changed from TheOfficialLoganPaul to Logan Paul.

  • Don’t Violate Community Guidelines

YouTube may revoke the badge you have earned, even if it is verified and you have met all requirements. This can happen if your account violates their community guidelines or service terms. Keep your account as clean as possible.

A verification badge is a great addition to your channel. You’ll be verified quickly if you meet the criteria of 100k subscribers, have quality content, a strong brand, engage your audience, and do not break any rules.


1. How can you verify your YouTube account?

You must have at least 100,000 subscribers to be eligible for a verified YouTube Account. In addition, you must meet certain criteria such as having an active YouTube channel and a current bio.

2. You must be verified to receive payment on YouTube.

YouTube does not require a badge of verification to earn money. You only need to verify your account and have at least 1000 subscribers, as well as 4000 hours of viewing in the last year. Then you can apply to YouTube’s Partner Program and start earning money from your channel.

3. How many subscribers are required to be verified on YouTube

To be eligible for a YouTube verification badge, you need to have 100k subscribers. YouTube will check your authenticity, channel icon, and description in addition to 100k subscribers.

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