Why Reviews Are Important on Amazon

Amazon Reviews

Reviews are all over the place all over the internet, all the way from Amazon, Facebook Google, and Yelp as well, all with legitimate reasons. 

Studies show an average of 84% of consumers consider online reviews to be as trustworthy as a personal recommendation with 91% of customers often or frequently reviewing online. 

Why? because they build trust and enhance the buying experience. This means that customers are more likely to purchase.

Reviewers are typically not knowledgeable about the company or product and don’t have the confidence to buy. 

The buyers need social proof to ensure they’re buying what they’re buying. This is especially in the case of expensive goods as well as functional goods and clothes.

People who read reviews do seek out facts, like whether or not a product is true to size, comfortable, if it’s made of high quality and whether it’s practical. The information they gather helps shoppers make a better purchases.

What are the effects of reviews on your company?

While reviews are crucial for consumers, they’re also crucial for companies. 

Reviews directly affect your brand’s image they can boost or reduce sales and can be the final push that converts a potential customer or convinces them not to think about your brand for a second review. 

Additionally, the quantity of reviews you’ve received affects your SEO since online reviews are incorporated into Google result pages.

How do shoppers use reviews?

Amazon strategically gives reviews in more prominent locations before specifics of the product and detailed bullets. 

Reviews from customers appear ahead of your marketing team’s carefully designed messages and even feature a rollover image right on the page of search results an additional reason why it’s important to get high-quality reviews.

The A9 algorithm provides consumers with choices, ratings as well as reviews, which are the ones that move shoppers to buy.

About 93% of customers go through reviews before making a purchase. more than 68% of people decide on the product after going through between 1 and 6 online reviews.

Are reviews a factor in determining the product’s ranking on Amazon?

Not necessarily. Product reviews aren’t the only factor that determines the order that which items are placed in Amazon rankings. Sales are still the main factor in the A9 algorithm that Amazon uses to deliver results for searches.

Amazon is happy to display “Best Seller” and “Amazon’s Choice” on the side of items, however, they are only available in two results for every search.

It’s important to remember that, like the number of reviews you’ve got the words that people use in their reviews could make your product more visible in search results. 

And as per Search Engine Land, Amazon is a great reward for brands that have excellent customer service and responds quickly to questions and reviews.

Although reviews might not be the primary element in ranking they do have a significant impact on conversions on Amazon. 

Sellerapp’s Amazon statistics show that 22 percent of buyers will not shop elsewhere once they’ve discovered an Amazon product they’d like to purchase, and reviews are an important factor in the buying decision-making.

How do you deal with negative reviews?

After having read about the ways positive reviews can be a key conversion factor You may be anxious over any negative reviews. 

It doesn’t mean you can’t react to negative reviews. Responding to reviews is a great method of building credibility and showing customers that you’re willing and available to address any issues that may arise.

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